Google and Audi are going to announce an Android powered in-car entertainment system at CES


Up until now, we have primarily seen Android powered smartphones and tablets with smart watches, cameras and music players making an appearance every once in a while. Now, it looks like Google is all set to explore new horizons and form factors with Android in 2014. 

According to a report from Wall Street Journal, Google and Audi will be jointly announcing a new in-car entertainment system at the Consumer Electronic Show, which begins from next week. Google has also been working closely with other car makers and chip maker Nvidia to bring Android to entertainment system from other car makers as well.

Earlier this year in June, Apple had announced that it would be bringing iOS device integration to in-dash entertainment systems from BMW and Mercedes. The company also has support from Honda and General Motors.

In October, Tesla had announced that it would be bringing Chrome web browser to the in-dash entertainment system of Model S, and Android down the line, if feasible.

By bringing Android to the in-dash systems on cars, Google would allow users with quick and easy access to their notifications and apps like Maps, Waze etc and even voice commands.

I am already excited about what would be possible once Android is integrated into in-car dash entertainment systems. The ability to check the car’s fuel levels, remote tracking and possibly, starting it right from my smartphone.

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