Early CM11 build for the Galaxy Note 3 now available

Note 3

The CyanogenMod team has been slowing working on forward porting its features from CM10.2, while simultaneously working on adding new features and support for new devices. The team has always been quick to add support for flagship handsets and the CM11 nightly release was no exception with the Moto X, HTC One, Galaxy S4, Note 2, LG G2 and Galaxy S3 getting some Cid love. 

The only high-end device of 2013 from a major OEM that did not receive some CyanogenMod goodness was the Galaxy Note 3. Well, while official nightly builds for the Note 3 are still not available from the CyanogenMod team, the source code is. This has allowed some developers and tinkerers to get to work and cook their own CM11 builds for the device.

Sadly, the initial build does have a few serious bugs including the microphone not working when on a call, thereby ruling out the fact that the ROM could be used as a daily driver. It is, however, just a matter of time before some smart developers figure out a solution to this problem and release a near build for the device.

You can stay up to date with the CM11 progress on the Note 3 over at this thread on XDA forums.

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