What’s new in Android 4.4.1

Android KitKat

The Android 4.4.1 update from Google contains a lot of other minor changes, apart from the huge jump in camera performance for the Nexus 5. There are a lot of small bug-fixes and minor UI tweaks that should please Nexus users. 

Below is a quick list of all the changes that Google has included in Android 4.4.1 KitKat for all the Nexus devices -:

  • The Camera app on the Nexus 5 has sped up considerably post the update.
  • The low volume output from the Nexus 5 speaker in certain apps has also been fixed.
  • The haptic feedback has been tweaked on the Nexus 5.
  • There are some bug-fixes related to ART as well. This allows Whatsapp to work with the ART runtime.
  • The default email client in Nexus 5 not syncing with an exchange server bug has also been fixed.
  • Immersive mode breaking while adjusting the volume level bug has been fixed.
  • The new ‘Photos’ app is now the default Gallery app.
  • There is a slight improvement in benchmark performance on the Nexus 5.
  • The transparent status bar sometimes turning opaque issue on the Nexus 5 has also been fixed.
  • The navigation bar is now transparent on the lock screen in the Nexus 4.
  • The Settings icon in Quick tiles has also been changed.
  • The Miracast setting has been renamed to Cast settings.

And that’s about it. If you noticed any other changes or bug-fixes, drop in a comment and do let us know.

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  • caster

    Where is this “Miracast” setting you speak of on the N5?

    • Jeff718

      Settings > Display

  • Spencer

    There’s another update that I have just noticed, too. In the GEL launcher, you can scroll past your last page with widgets and icons so you always have an extra page to add new icons and widgets. It also signifies this with the + icon in the dots at the bottom of the launcher.

    Kind of nice if you didn’t know how to add new pages. It was sometimes difficult to get the launcher to add a new page.

    • Christopher Elias Bech Hansen

      This was in 4.4 though

      • Josh Chambers

        Not that I noticed. I think its new.

        • Christopher Elias Bech Hansen

          Well I *know* that they introduced it in 4.4.

        • sdcoiner76

          This bug was absolutely in 4.4. If you long press an icon or folder to pick it up and then let it go you will see that the extra screen disappears. The bug can even be reproduced.

          Open a folder, grab an icon and drag it up to remove. Now you will see above your dock a + next to the dots. and an extra screen will now be to the right.

    • Andrew Mortimer

      That’s actually a bug. It happens sometimes when apps are updated or uninstalled. If you long press an icon, then let go of it, the last page will disappear.

  • Kakys

    Very minor cnahges. NOT UPGRADING!

    • mversion

      If you don’t have a Nexus 5, then sure, but if you do it’s worth it just for the improvement the upgrade brings to the camera alone.

      • BlueScreenJunky

        I’m not entirely sure Kakys was serious 😉

  • alamarco

    Google has also fixed the signal issues many people were having with certain carriers on the Nexus 5 in 4.4.1. Main reason I sideloaded instead of waiting, desperately needed this fix.


  • Hadi

    The battery icon’s height has been adjusted to the other icons.

  • thewafflehouse

    They keyboard sounds have actually been changed as well. Minor but less annoying.

    • killik

      Yep, part of the changelog : 34262cdf : Replace keyboard sounds with latest (softer) design
      And it is not that minor, it is a sound users will hear a lot. Admittedly, nothing prevents the OEM from replacing them by their own ‘enhanced’ versions. Sometimes I feel like Google should add an UX jury that decides if an OEM skin has the right to use the platform, but I digress.

  • Bigs

    It also fixed the voicemail notification not working with certain providers!

  • vw

    It fixed my full volume bluetooth issues.

  • kris90

    Has the battery life being improved??

  • tidhar

    So cool! We’ll be able to use ART now

  • iFreezer

    I was expecting a battery life improvement for the nexus 5

    • fallon

      If you use ART it supposedly improves battery life… If you are having problems, make sure that processes (like google play services) aren’t keeping your phone awake unecessarily.

  • Andreas Blakeus Baxmann

    The haptic feedback has been tweaked on the Nexus 5.
    Does this make the noise go away?