Starting today, Google’s Play Store will now show tablet apps by default on tablets (finally!)

Google has just announced, via Google+, that when Android tablet owners click on the Play Store icon, the first thing they’ll see is tablet apps. What did they see before? Phone apps. Now the tablet apps have been there for a while, but you had to navigate to them, which in my opinion provided for a negative user experience. This new way of doing things, by showing tablet apps first and then having to navigate to phone apps, is how Android tablets should have worked from day one, but I digress.

While I’m on the subject of tablets, the holiday shopping season is coming up, and you’re probably thinking of getting a tablet, right? The problem is which one do you buy. I’m going to make this really easy for you: Get the Nexus 7. Don’t wait for the Nexus 10, don’t even bother taking a look at what Samsung or Sony is doing, just buy a Nexus 7. And don’t get the cheap one, either, pony up the extra cash and buy the 32 GB model. Hell, the 32 GB model with a cellular modem inside is still $50 cheaper than the cheapest iPad mini.

And as for apps that are optimized for tablets, I hear PocketCasts has done a good job, but I personally don’t have any experience with Android tablets, so I can’t say anything intelligent on the subject. Actually, scratch that, Sony let me borrow an Xperia Z tablet, but I never touched it because it was too big.