Project S: An incredibly high end phone that needs your support on Indiegogo to come out

Have you ever heard of a company called BungBungame? Neither have I. Founded in 2008, they recently took to Indiegogo to ask for help in building a smartphone that’s currently called “Project S”. What exactly is so special about this thing? It’s a 5.8 inch 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution phone with a “true octa core” processor, 3 GB of RAM, 16 megapixel camera, and pretty much all the high end specs you can expect to see in 2014 flagship phones.

But there’s a slight problem. If you scroll all the way down to their FAQ, they say that their shipping target is October 2014. That’s 11 months away. Do you have any idea what’s going to happen during the next 11 months? There’s going to be a new Galaxy S from Samsung, there’s going to be a new phone from HTC, the iPhone 6 will probably be out, as will the Note 4, and let’s not forget: New Nexus phone, new LG phone (G3?), new Sony phone (Z2?).

Look, I like when small companies try to take on the big guys, but I can’t exactly see what BungBungame is doing that a hundred other Chinese companies aren’t doing as well. The only reason they’re getting attention is the price of the “Project S”, which comes in at just $299.

How are they hitting that low price tag? Your guess is as good as mine. Component prices fluctuate month to month, so maybe they have some sort of time machine that they used to calculate how cheaply they can sell a phone in October 2014 with specs that sound wildly impressive today, but by this time next year will be commonplace.

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  • Carl

    But even by this time next year, the low price will not be commonplace…

    That’s what they say regaridng the price:

    “As you know, we are a small company. Each of us has a real passion for
    electronic products. Our manpower cost is not as high as the other well
    known companies. Also we do not have marketing cost. We have built up
    a good relationship with manufactures and suppliers, and convinced them
    to join this great project with us. They have promised to down their
    profit to support us to make Project S happen.”