Galaxy Gear sales said to be under 50,000 units UPDATE: Samsung says 800,000 units were sold

Update: Samsung just issued a statement saying 800,000 units have been sold.

Entering a new product category is hard. Just ask Amazon about the first generation Kindle. Apple about the first generation iPad. And Sony/Samsung/LG about the first 4K television. But how bad can bad get? Well, according to a report from BusinessKorea, sales of the Samsung’s first wearable device, the Galaxy Gear, have yet to pass the 50,000 unit mark. And no, that’s not just for Korea, that’s for the entire world.

Why is this product, which Samsung markets as the future, failing so hard?

There are quite a few reasons, but I’ll focus on the main three. First, there’s the price. It’s $299, which is an incredible investment to make for something that’s not tested, especially something that’s supposed to be worn as a fashion accessory. Second, the limited compatibility. You need to own a Samsung phone running Android 4.3 or higher to use the Gear. That’s an incredibly short list of devices. And finally third, it’s simply a bad product.

Every review of the Gear has said the same thing: Battery life is terrible. The notifications are useless. The camera makes the watch look ugly. Just go buy a Pebble if you really want a smartwatch.

Can Samsung turn things around? Yes, in the two obvious ways that any tech company fixes anything. Step One: Slash the price of the Gear, because while it may be a poor product at $299, it’ll be a hit at $99. Step Two: Launch a successor as soon as possible. Some rumors say we’ll see a Gear II as soon as CES, which is less than two months away!

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  • Jack

    Pretty sure it’s 800k worldwide and 50k in Korea mate

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      Yep, that information came out after I published the article. It’s since been updated to reflect the new data point.

  • z1george

    Sold is a funny word.They bundle the watch with every Note3 sold, but technically is sold for 0.01$. Its BOM is probably 20$, but they have a big enough markup on the Note3 itself. They only customer who can use the watch has to own a Note3 anyway. Nobody on this planet payed 299$ for the watch. Creative accounting produces sales which never took place.

  • NonAppleholic

    Seems you changed the headline…. but not the article. That 800,000 is actually pretty dam good for a device that initially could only mate up with Galaxy Note 3. I’m on AT&T, got the 4.3 update without problems and now waiting for Gear to arrive, I just purchased!

    So now I’m beginning to think Applewellian Thought Police are out in full force trying to damage sales of Gear. Just like they were with Galaxy Note’s launch and not having much luck reprogramming Android users now either! ;-P

    So with so few devices unable to receive the update so far, sales could really take off and I’ll bet the prospect of that happening is making a lot of Apple fans even more angry at Samsung for Pre-cognitively Stealing their future iWatch Sales, before Apple’s iVaporware ever get launched! 😀

    BTW….. by year’s end it’s been estimated that at least 150 Million Galaxy S3, S4 and Note customers will be able to buy Gear. Since the percentage of devices Gear was available for at launch was just new Note 3 buyers, 800,000 sold worldwide is indicative of success, much like the often ridiculed original Note S-Pen Phablets demonstrated 3 yrs ago! … we could see even 3 million sold over a year would be a success and it’s obviously going to reach that in just another 4 months! :DDD ….I’ll be brave and predict at least 5 million sold in it’s first year and then what are you all going to say? “duh…. well I guess Samsung COPIED…… Apple’s iPhone and iPad Success…. waaahhh!”