Download: Android 4.4 KitKat ROM for Nexus 4

Android KitKat

An AOSP based Android 4.4 KitKat ROM is already up for download for the 2013 and 2012 edition of Nexus 7. Joining them now is the Google’s last year flagship handset – the Nexus 4.

The Android 4.4 AOSP for the Nexus 4 can be downloaded from here. Keep in mind that you will need to have root access with a custom recovery pre-installed on your Nexus 4 to flash this AOSP based KitKat ROM. The accompanying Google Apps package can be downloaded from here.

Make sure to wipe the data partition since you are flashing a new version of Android on your Nexus 4.

Update: You need to have CWM recovery installed to flash this ROM. You will get an error while trying to flash the ROM from TWRP recovery.

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  • samir

    oh thank u , just i ask if must unlock boot loader

    • spbeeking

      Yes. You must.

  • Giul

    i have an error when i try to install..anyone has the same problem?

    • alexis lenzini

      Same here! I can’t install this rom.
      E: Error in /sdcard/ (status 7)

      • Zee

        any solution?

        • Rajesh

          You need to use CWM recovery. TWRP won’t work. Use ROM Manager to install CWM on your Nexus 4

          • Figured it out! Needed the latest CWM recovery.. i was on V. .. Needs

      • Zee

        I’m not really sure about the nexus 4 download link.. rather download from here-> (mako is nexus 4)

      • javier godoy

        Hey Alexis,

        How did you fix? E: Error in /sdcard/ (status 7) Thank you

  • spar

    how do I install it?

  • gulionu

    I had an error (tried with TWRP). Now I tried it with clockworkmod and it works 🙂

    • Giul

      yeah but now i have a problem whit ROOT permissions :/

      • Rajesh

        Flash the Superuser zip file?

        • dany

          how?, lost acces to recovery mode!!!

          • Giul

            the SU file to flash is the 1.65 version!already fixed my prob 😉

            @dani …turn off, press vol down+power till you see the screen whit the big android robot…then vol down to change from bootlader to the other options and whit power button select enter recovery!

          • bnassib

            Tried it…I lost root and recovery. I just get the dead android with the red exclamation mark

  • Photosphere will be gone after update on nexus 4 (I like that feature! )..

    If someone needs it back..

    Use titanium backup to backup the gallery app and then uninstall it..

    then install this apk-

    You should have your 360 panorama back!

  • daniel

    help please, downloaded this ROM and lost root!, lost CWM, cannot download anything from the play store, cannot enter into recovery mode, need to go back to my previous ROM since this is no good, thank you!

  • dany

    Id say, DONT DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THIS!, more harm than anything else, and it looks exactly like 4.3 JB, not 4.4 Kit Kat, besides, you will lose root, and recovery, cant download anything from the playstore with my carriers data connection, DONT DOWNLOAD, NOT WORTH IT!

    • Giul

      dude, if you aren’t able to find solution for your problems don’t write :”DONT DOWNLOOOOAD :O :O :O”…try searching the 4.4 launcher app and all the news apks!

  • Billy

    Some kind of kitkat jellybean hybrid. Missing most kitkat features.

  • Calvin

    i updated my phone to 4.4 but i couldn’t go to recovery mode and i don’t have my playstore. can anyone help me

  • Pinko

    Can i update S3 with this firmware

    • anonymous


  • Wimpy Bandit

    Can I update my Xperia M.