CyanogenMod Installer has been removed from the Play Store


The CyanogenMod Installer was among the first step that the company took after going public, in a bid to increase its user base and attract the general users. While things were fine for a few weeks, the CyanogenMod today had to remove the app from the Play Store because of a violation of the Play Store’s Terms and Services.

According to the official announcement from the CyanogenMod team, Google contacted the team asking them to remove the app voluntarily from the Play Store, or they would be forced to remove it administratively.

The CM team reached out to the Play Store team for more feedback, and according to their response, while the CyanogenMod Installer app in itself is harmless, it ‘encourages users to void their warranty,’ which is a good enough reason for Google to remove the app from the Play Store.

Google’s explanation does not really make much sense, since all the root apps on the Play Store also void user’s warranty in one way.

Anyways, the CyanogenMod team has now linked to the app under the ‘Get Started’ page on their website¬†for all the interested users. The team has also submitted the app on the Amazon and Samsung app-stores.