Adobe updates Reader for Android with several new features that you have to pay to use

Most Android devices come with some sort of PDF reader application, but in my experience they’ve all been terrible, which is why one of the very first applications I install on any new Android device is Adobe Reader. They invented the PDF standard, so surely they have the best application to handle PDF files, right?

Today the company has released an update to the app, version 11.1.0 in case you’re wondering, and it comes with two new in-app subscription services. The first is called “Adobe ExportPDF” and it allows you to take PDF documents and convert them to Word or Excel documents. It also allows you to select text from a PDF file of documents that you’ve scanned. How much does this cost, you might be wondering? About 20 Euros per year. I’m assuming it’ll cost $20 per year in the US.

The second bundle of features is called “Adobe PDF Pack”, and it works in the opposite direction. You’ll be able to take Word and Excel files and convert them to PDF files. You can also take scanned documents and turn them into PDF files. Finally, there’s the “export PDF file to Word/Excel/PowerPoint” feature. All that will cost you nearly 10 Euros a month, which frankly is a bit outrageous.

Why is Adobe doing this? The real question is why wouldn’t they? They, along with Microsoft, are desperately trying to figure out how to make money in today’s age of Google Docs and DropBox. Whether or not your CTO will want to use these services is a decision he or she has to make, but if it’s considered essential to you company’s workflow, then Adobe stands to make a few bucks.

[Via: Android Police]

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