Samsung’s Galaxy Round is a prototype device; Will be available in limited quantities

Earlier this week, Samsung unveiled its first Android device with a flexible display – the Galaxy Round. The press release from Samsung only mentioned Korea as the launch country, implying limited release for this unique product.

However, it looks like even in Korea, the Galaxy Round will be available in limited quantities. According to one of the insiders of SamMobile, Samsung will only be producing limited quantities of the Galaxy Round. The Round is apparently a prototype device for Samsung to test its curved screens and gain some public feedback.


Samsung had earlier taken the same route with the Galaxy S II HD LTE and the SCH-W850. This reason also explains the extremely high retail price of the device in Korea.

Except the curved display, the Galaxy Round packs the same internals as the Galaxy Note 3 minus the S-Pen and its software tricks. It might very well be possible that we can see Samsung employ its flexible display technology in the Galaxy S5 or the Note 3’s successor.

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