Samsung’s flexible screen factory can only make about 1.5 million panels per month

Later this month, Samsung has promised that they’ll unveil their first phone to use the company’s new flexible AMOLED technology. They haven’t provided any details about the device, so for all we know it could be a mid-range phone with a tiny 4.0 inch screen or it could be a flagship device that’s priced even higher than the recently launched Note 3.

More important than the device itself is just how many Samsung plans on selling. According to The Korean Herald, Samsung’s best case scenario is to have a factory that can produce just 1.5 million panels a month. Let’s assume for a moment that said factory is working at full tilt. That means that by the end of the year, Samsung will be able to sell only 4.5 million flexible phone.

Is this a bad thing? Yes and no. If you’re one of those people who buys a phone based on the spec sheet printed on the back of the box, then you’re obviously upset because you want to get one of these limited edition devices. But for the mainstream, Samsung has yet to demonstrate why they should care about flexible screens, other than the fact that they’re far more rugged than traditional displays that use glass.

And anyway, you and I both know Samsung is hard at work building even more factories, so this will become a moot issue given enough time, labor, and (hopefully well thought out) product planning.

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