Microsoft wants HTC to make phones that dual boot Android and Windows Phone (what?!)

According to a new report from Bloomberg, “people with knowledge of the matter” say that Terry Myerson, the head of all of Microsoft’s operating systems, has asked HTC to add Windows Phone as a second option to their Android phones. HTC wouldn’t even have to pay for a Windows Phone license, as long as they make devices that dual boot both Google’s mobile OS and Windows Phone.

Isn’t Microsoft happy to have Nokia? Why do they need or want to deal with HTC? The piece goes on, saying that despite Microsoft becoming a vertical player, they still want other companies to use Windows Phone, which is a strategy that has never once succeeded in the history of operating systems. If you make an OS, you either sell it to everyone and don’t compete on hardware, or you make your own hardware and then sell licenses to no one.

Seeing as how HTC just reported their first quarterly loss, should they take Microsoft’s offer? I’m going to have to go with no. There’s zero financial incentive, and worst of all, it’s going to tax HTC’s engineers even harder. Plus, how would they explain to customers that with a switch of a button they can use a totally different operating system?

Dual booting is something geeks do, not normal people.