HTC’s Global VP of PR leaves just four months after joining the company


With every passing quarter, HTC woes continue to increase. As if a poor quarterly report was not enough, the company’s global VP of PR and Communications – Lorain Wong – has left the company just four months after joining it.

In a statement to Bloomberg, HTC’s CMO – Ben Ho – said that Wong had to resign for some “personal reasons” but will be staying in the company as a consultant for the next 3-4 months.

Quite a few higher officials have left HTC in the last one year including its COO Matthew Costello, Asia’s CEO Lennard Hoornik and Chief Product Officer Kouji Kodera. A bunch of junior level executives have also left the company for various reasons in the recent past.┬áRecently, HTC also caught some of its higher executives in fraudulent activities.

As a One owner, it is disappointing to see HTC go down. The company has made some terrible handsets in the last year, but the One truly stands out from the competition. Hopefully, the new marketing campaign from HTC will help it in redeeming some of its lost market share in the next few quarters.