Google shows off new Google Glass with mono earbud, support for prescriptions


One day after announcing changes to its Google Explorers program that allowed current Glass owners to upgrade  to the next version of the computer-infused eyewear. The company released another tease on Google + that gives us a glimpse at the second generation Glass device.

The next Glass device will sport a frame that’ll accommodate prescription lenses and features a new mono ear bud for improved audio quality. Though a launch date has not been announced, Google did confirm the new Glass version would arrive by the end of this year. This is still expected to be an early adopter device, with a more consumer oriented version slated to arrive sometime next year.

In a move that’ll likely please current Glass owners, all members of the Explorers program are eligible to swap out their original Glass device for version 2.0 of the hardware. This will be a one-time swap that’ll allow early adopters to They also can invite up to three friends to join the explorers program if they are able to cough up $1500 for the device.


[Via Google+]

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