CyanogenMod ROM to include native screen recording feature

The CyanogenMod team has always focused on enhancing the stock Android experience by adding meaningful features and enhancements. In a step to provide more value to its end users, the team will soon be adding a screen recording feature.

Right now, stock Android only allows for taking screenshots using the combination of the Volume Down and Power button. To record anything on the screen, users need to make use of third-party apps that generally require root access and are still very wonky.

By adding the screen recording feature at the OS level, the CyanogenMod team will make the life of YouTube video bloggers, developers and end-users much more simple. The feature will also record the touch inputs of the and the system sounds.

When included, CyanogenMod users can use the feature by simultaneously pressing the Volume Up + Power button.

Via – Koushik Dutta

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