Say hello to the hideous new USB 3.0 cable your new smartphone or tablet will come with

Samsung’s Galaxy Note III is going to be the first phone on the market to feature a micro USB 3.0 connector. As The Verge notes, there are many obvious benefits to the new USB standard, the most important of which being the ability to draw 900 milliamps of current when connected to a computer versus 500 milliamps today. That’s all well and good until you see the cable.

For those of you who watched my Note III live blog yesterday, you saw me asking numerous times what was up with the port on the bottom of the device. Well, that question has now been answered. What you’re looking at above is the new microUSB connector that your next phone and tablet will likely come with, assuming you buy a flagship phone.

Is it nasty? Yes, it’s hideous, and it’s going to make coming home at night and trying to plug in your phone that much more complicated of a procedure. Can you use your current microUSB charger with these new microUSB 3.0 ports? Yes, but you’re really going to have to pay attention to where you’re sticking the cable in so you don’t do any damage.

Did Apple get things right with Lightning? When they first showed it off, I thought it was the stupidest thing in the world to do, to introduce a new proprietary connection. But now I’m convinced Apple’s people saw this new microUSB connector and cried tears of blood.

If you want to see a hands-on of a microUSB 3.0 cable, turn off your headphones:

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  • lalala

    isnt lightning the same specs just smaller?

    • Mike

      Only real similarity is they both have a standard USB plug on one side of the cable. Otherwise they’re completely different.

      • lalala

        what i meant as same is lightning and the previous gen apple charger not same as usb 3.0 lol.

        • Mike

          Well no, it’s not the same specs as the dock connector either.

  • TechGuy

    The lightning is also reversible and less fiddly.

    • dshan

      And much smaller! Still, Android users keep saying how great it is to lug about a big-ass phone, so the fact that this new connecter ensures they can never have smaller ones won’t make any difference I guess.

      • lalala

        lightning may be smaller but the specs are like the same with the previous apple chargers,so its useless for the main point of a charger,to charge faster.whereas this is actually a spec bump!its like saying as long as a car looks good but even if the speed is like a tortoise 1 couldnt be bothered.

        • alex kent

          not sure i understand you. the big ipad draws more than 2A over it’s lightning connector. this mini USB 3 is only at 0.8A

          • lalala

            isnt that a tablet charger?and u mean from pc or ac?

          • alex kent

            the power brick for the iPad is bigger (11W i think),
            the cable USB2 -> Lightning is the same as iPhone / iPod,

            the iPad will draw 2A wherever it’s available, from computers or the AC adapter. Mac’s have been able to push 2A out over usb ports since 2010 when the iPad launched. I believe many PC motherboards can do 2A as well…

          • lalala

            well didnt know it was the same for apple.i hardly connect my devices to usb.

          • Doctor Biobrain

            So if you didn’t know…why did you pretend you did?

            Really don’t care much for “experts” who make declaratory statements based upon guesses and hearsay.

          • lalala

            since the start i was saying about ac never said anything about yeah ‘doctor’ i guess so much for you understanding english,

          • Doctor Biobrain

            Uhm…I guess my understanding of English isn’t so good, as I keep rereading your first comment above, and see nothing about AC at all. You wrote “the specs are like the same with the previous apple chargers,so its useless for the main point of a charger,to charge faster.”

            Perhaps my English is poor, but I don’t see where you said it was only the same for AC; as you wrote that the specs were the same, which obviously isn’t true. And just so you know, the latest iPad chargers charge at 12W, not 10W. So they are, in fact, faster at charging than the ones that came before. And again, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, you shouldn’t say anything.

          • Scott Madde

            The 0.8A is in reference to a cable connected to a computer. The ipad’s 2A is wasted because it doesn’t ever draw that much in charge, only as much as the cable (not port) will channel. If it’s AC instead of DC you’ll get a slower charge regardless. Qualcomm is the only vendor doing something about USB connections producing a faster charge, and ipad doesn’t have it.

          • Simon Gornall

            Either I’m not understanding what you’re saying, or you’re wrong. The iPad will charge at the full 2A if you plug it into the wall, so it’s not “wasted”.

            If you plug an iPad into a high capacity USB port, the iPad will charge way faster than if you plug it into a standard 500mA port, so it’s not wasted there either. I’ve not timed if there’s a difference in charging time between that and the wall, but I regularly charge up my iPad from a port on my mac and it charges pretty darn quickly for me.

            If you plug an iPad into a low-capacity USB port, it will charge slowly.

          • The iPad mini draws 2.1A. (Over Lightning.)

            I don’t know what an iPad 4 draws, but I’m curious. 🙂

          • Scott Madde

            You haven’t tested this before, have you? Get a multimeter and find it for yourself, you’re not Getting the complete charge it says on paper. This is known among electricians.

          • Matt W

            Lol what. Your post is complete nonsense.

          • Scott Madde

            You’re not even qualified to talk to me lol

          • Idon’t Know

            It’s 12 watts.

          • m3kw

            This stupid reply system isn’t working too hot.

          • John Aldis

            Works for me, I see plenty of stupid replies. Oh, wait.

          • Dexter

            Welcome to 2013, how was your hypersleep? These cables have been around for ages, it comes will all kinds of usb3 devices. I remember when I first saw one on my external hdd two years ago, I stopped for 2 secs and thought for myself “ah, this is new” and thats all there is to it, it’s a connector just as any other.

          • Yeah, my first thought when I saw the headline “New Micro USB 3.0 Cable!” I was like, “Wha?” Was it two or three years ago these things came out?

          • Chan

            OK, it just came with HDD so far, now it’s gonna be mainstream soon. That is the question

          • B D

            Apple (and yes, many other companies) has made billions of dollars releasing things as “new” after they’ve been around for 2 or 3 years. I wasn’t impressed with the first iPhone cause my phone did what the iPhone did AND more and my phone was already a couple years old.

            It’s called marketing 🙂

          • Sigivald

            It’s “new” on phones and tablets.

          • N0t bias

            Thank you. It’s really not that big of a deal. It is just a dam cable although I do like the idea with the lighting connector on the Iphone. But just a question to the iphone fanboys. Let’s say your phone is dying or dead and you don’t have your cable (but really what iPhone person doesn’t always have one cause they suck juice worse than a Hummer) but the people you are around only have an iphone 4/4s you’re basically screwed. Atleast with the Note 3 even if you’re not around anyone who also has a Note 3 with a microUSB 3.0 cable you can still use a microUSB 2.0 cable. Also if you had an iPhone 4/4s and went or going to get a 5/5s/5c and you have your car charger now you have to buy a new car charger. Note 3 can still use the old car charger. And really who in the hell really even cares that the charger is a little bigger. It’s only iPhone fanboys that mainly rag on the Sumsung Note 3 charger cable size and the screen size cause the iPhone is inferior in comparison so they have to try to nit pick shit. And iPhone fanboys only rag on the Note 3 screen size because it isn’t and iPhone. I guarantee if the iPhone 6 came with a 5.7″ screen (which I would like them to do) it would be those same fanboys that ragged on the Note 3 for the size to be the first ones in line for the iPhone 6 with a 5.7″ screen. The iPhone fanboys that say the screen size of the 5/5s/5c is the perfect size any bigger would be stupid were saying the same thing when the iPhone 4 came out. Oh and by the way I’m typing this from my iPhone 5s but I’m in no way an iPhone fanboy. I give credit to other phones where credit is due.

          • eddie

            “It’s really not that big of a deal.”

          • onstrike112

            It’s also a connector that’s backwards compatible with Micro-USB 2 devices.

          • Justin Martinez

            USB 3.1 will draw 5A and put out true video

          • Bill

            Actually, USB 3.1 is good for up to 100 watts but won’t get “true” video. It’ll be a higher bandwidth version of the current USB 2-based MHL standard, so better video but compressed nonetheless.

          • Justin Martinez

            Micro USB 3.1 will draw 5A

        • Chan


          Well you got it all wrong dear. All digital means it can push anything and between whatever Apple damn wish. They just have to design a software interface for a new use of it.

          For the recode Macs have been charging iPads (2.1A) devices just fine even with the old connector which this try to introduce.

        • Idon’t Know

          No you are wrong about that. Go do a google search on the lighting adapter and read up on it.

      • Paul

        I love the Lightening connector, the sheer fact that I can insert it without trying to determine what’s top or bottom during the night makes it a superiorly more functional connection for me than anything a standard connector brings to the table.

        • onstrike112

          There’s more to connectors than being able to idiotically plug it in without looking. Backwards compatibility (well, complete lack of compatibility in your case) is important. Not that isheep understand that. You want your computer to ONLY have one USB Type-C connector for some stupid reason.

          • Paul

            I am citing what’s important to me and I respect that this is not important to you. What I don’t respect is your tone and the way you have chosen to tell me what your preference is.

          • onstrike112

            Tone? What are you going to tell me to mow the lawn too? Lol

          • Paul

            This is really an insignificant issue. It seems some of us are willing to tear each other apart over a cable choice! Maybe we are doomed or maybe you can use your humanity and accept the notion that people make different choices! Isn’t Android all about choice?

            Anyway, I hope you find peace. my last response.

      • Disgruntled Android Fan

        Hahaha this comment is hilarious. Bashing large phones when the newest iPhones most noticeable change is that it is LARGER. Like for real,

        • CalH

          Did you ever look at when he posted this?

      • Jeff “BIG RED”

        Iphone 6 Plus!!!!

    • Howard

      iPhone and Apple users will be pissing themselves laughing at this….

      • Yes. We will. But then, we were already pissing ourselves laughing at people who give a shit what kind of phone we use.

        • Howard

          In that case you are an esteemed member of a very small and perverse club.

          • mike

            Haha typical snobby iphone/apple user! What a sad bunch!

        • I must tell you tat I always pissed everybody off because I was bragging of my iPhone against their android. Now I have a Galaxy S5 and got no regrets. Actually, I’m happier with it!

          • Wayne A Caddell Jr

            Raphael, I just got the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I’ve had the Note 3, 2 and the original. The next time you have to get a smartphone, I had the type you have, but any of the Galaxy Notes, are definitely 4 if not 5 stars. My only issue is the HTC products seems to sound better. I don’t know how they design there speakers, but HTC seems to sound like Bose speakers. But performance wise, all my Galaxy Notes are fantastic. The S-Pens on each as well as the S-Pen apps, and the newer Smart watch, outstanding.

          • Jeff “BIG RED”

            How did you get a phone that’s not released yet?

          • Wayne A Caddell Jr

            I meant to say Samsung Galaxy Note Pro Tablet, the Samsung ATIV 500 Smart pc Tablet with keyboard, the Note 3, Note 2, and the original. But at my AT&T store, I have put in a pre-order with the Gear 2. My mistake. Being I’m in the hospital, I’m having to text with one hand.
            Btw, if any of you need phone cases, I got my OtterBox alot cheaper than the cellphone companies at “SMARTPHONE PEDIA. COM”.

          • onstrike112

            What’s sad is the BlackBerry Priv is better than Samsung’s efforts. It’s not that difficult if BlackBerry could make a better Android device than Samsung.

        • Wayne A Caddell Jr

          JimD, that’s hilarious. Who cares what someone’s smartphone is? Some prefer Apple, some prefer Android. Everyone has their own preference.

      • das

        but lightning port can’t do jack shit ,no usb2 compatiblity ,no usb3 compatibility ,no TRUE video out and no OTG capabilities ,apple fail

        • Howard

          What TF are you talking about no TRUE video ??? And who TF wants USB2. Lightening is way ahead.

          • das

            lightning does not do true video OUT ,its cables REQUIRE internal codec based processors to compress the source DOWN to then be streamed to the video device ,its pathetic and ugly

          • Howard

            USB is utter C.R.A.P.

          • das

            if usb is crap then why does apply RELY on usb ports ? idiot

          • Howard

            They don’t, idiot. They use Lightening ports, idiot. They supply USB for the idiot USB users, idiot. LOL.

          • Bill

            It might not be as pretty as, say, HDMI out, but did you know that a fair number of Android devices that use MHL instead of HDMI are doing the exact same thing? And generally with less impressive hardware that outputs lower-quality video; Lightning’s video output stuff is at least using a low-power version of the A5 single-core you’d find in an AppleTV.

          • Necron99

            Aren’t you The sanctimonious douch bag.
            Wtf cares about “Tru” video & compression…not many, That’s who; nobody can even tell the difference, you’d have to have some pretty hi-tech equipment- and Visual and auditory capabilities as well .

            Basically…it’s all arbitrary, and Symantec.

        • Bill

          So you’re telling me that I can’t get a camera connection kit for Lightning devices and use usb devices?

          I guess transferring photos to my iPad from a flash drive and using USB headphones are impossible again. Sadface.

      • Hoffmann

        Laughing at what? Your USB 2.0 cables wrapped around all your outdated docks and accessories? Not only are the old smaller cables compatible with the USB 3.0 connector, I can plug my Note 3 with a huge ass 3200mAh battery in and have it fully charged before I fall asleep 🙂

        • Howard

          You start by asking “laughing at what”, missing the transparently obvious, and then you reply to something completely different with a comment that is totally irrelevant. Congratulations !

    • tawster

      Apple though is not trying to improve things. If they were, they would make the spec unencumbered. Therefore, it exists to monetize. That is all. It is such a waste of opportunity, but typical of Apple.

      USB 3.0 is fine. Not great, but fine enough. I would really perfer something more robust… which is the real problem with micro-USB now. It is just too easy to damage. “Less fiddly” is a nicety. “Robust” is the real missing element.

    • AcemanX AcemanX

      And the phone it charges isn’t backwards compatible, throw away your old cables rofl

    • Robert Miles

      uhhh… yyyyeah.. except, having ALSO used lightning for over a year myself, I had my share of problems with that in the real world as well. Liked the reversibility, but that turned out to be the only advantage as I ended up.. hating the much worse (as I discovered) susceptibility to clogging, fouling, and cable strain issues over usb micro in real-world (i.e. non-starbucks) use. It seems there ARE no good choices, sigh.. yet.

  • Patruns

    I am in no rush to get a phone with USB 3 after seeing that. Why would I really need one anyway?

    • dshan

      Um, you do know your phone won’t last forever don’t you? Sooner or later you *will* get a phone with one of these absurd “micro” connectors on it whether you want it or not. They’ll be the only ones available, for the Android masses anyway.

    • Elmboughs

      Faster charging. And quicker phone-computer data transfer.

      But the point is, if you do get a phone with USB3, all your old USB2 chargers will work on it.

  • I’ve had this on a few external HDDs for a year or so now. Not annoying there, since I rarely connect/disconnect them. REALLY going to be annoying on a phone. Viva Wireless Charging!

    • Jack Khurram

      Wow! Well if it isn’t Ricky Cadden from Symbian guru. It’s been quite a while.

      • Heh. I still make the rounds when I can. 🙂

  • garethjames

    You see, that is what keeps me coming back to this site, you are seemingly at odds with just about every position I have! I think that the new USB 3 spec cables for phones will be a bloody life saver! And it looks brilliant too!

    • Mike

      Do you have eyes?

    • kgelner

      Do you realize how large all of your future devices will have to be to accommodate this Flinstonian connector?

      • Miles Bader

        The “smartwatch” people are probably cursing no end ….

      • You do notice that in the picture the lower part is Micro-USB, right? So basically the Connector grew 50% and you guys are making a wave as if it is now an inch wide.

        That connector is now as wide as a regular USB cable but half as thick. That is hardly “ginormous”.

        The picture in this post must’ve been taken with a makro-lens.

  • TheRealCBONE

    Really? Ugh.

  • Lvaneede

    Hard drives have has this for a while now. Its not so bad

    • Masa Jow

      Just a guess, but you probably don’t plug/unplug your hard drive every day.

      • Lurking_Grue

        The times I have plugged in the cable into my portable hard drive it hasn’t been a problem. I like the idea as I want my phone to charge faster and actually transfer data faster.

  • HAL9000point5

    This cable says, “Consumer, go fuck yourself.”

    • Elmboughs

      It’s actually pretty consumer friendly-your old adapters will work, but new ones will charge the phone faster. It’s shaped like this:

      / ******** ======|********|

      They needed a slot that a MicroUSB connector will fit into, but the new slot needs to be bigger. The left hand side is a hole a normal microUSB connector will fit into. The new connector fits into the whole slot, and can use the connectors on the right, with more lines for faster power and data transfer.

      • m3kw

        It won’t fit unless that stupid thing retracts

        • ericpruss

          The USB2 micro PLUG (the male connector) will fit in the wider side of the USB3 micro SOCKET (the female connector), but a USB3 PLUG will NOT fit into a USB2 SOCKET.

          • m3kw

            Right, my oversight

          • ericpruss

            no worries

          • drjayesh

            It won’t charge your phone, then.

          • ericpruss

            I don’t see why not. The USB2 connector can charge phones that use it, so it seems that it would charge a phone with the USB3 connector as well, but simply slower.

            Were you merely speculating?

        • Elmboughs

          What will happen:

          -New phones will charge quickly with new connectors.
          -New phones will charge OK with old connectors-no adapter needed.
          -Old phones won’t be able to use new cables, but since you get cables when you buy a new phone that’s not a major problem.

          • Fabien Moraldo – Mithraw

            planned obsolescence ?

    • Adolfo Franco

      That was exactly what I thought when I finally noticed the port after buying my awesome Galaxy Note 3. I had already been hating my 1gig external HD because its glitchy usb 3 mini port/connector, despite its great speed. However, as far as I’m concerned Samsung’s done a nice job and their usb3 3 port and cable is flawless to my standarts and robust enough for my daily needs. Old cables are for old devices, period.

  • Anonymous

    Apple gets it right again, surprise surprise.

    • Lightning is just like USB 2.0. This is USB 3.0. Maybe this is strange connector, but at the phone will be backwards compatible with old micro USB cable.

      • PhilXYZZ

        Lightning is a digital connector which is configured in software when a device is connected. The initial cables are USB 2.0, but people who have dissected the mechanism have found that it has all the pins for USB 3.0 support.

        So Lightning is not just backwards compatible, but forwards compatible, too. It’s possible a mere software upgrade will bring USB 3.0 speeds. No software upgrade can ever make this new “micro USB 3” cable less awkward.

      • m3kw

        You are a dumb ass

        • scxfan

          A dumbass calling someone a dumbass.


      • Cypherpunks (a public account)

        You’re right that Lightening only supports USB 2.0 for Apple’s current hardware, but Lightening already has the 9 pins that USB 3.0 needs and the iOS group was reportedly hiring USB 3.0 engineers earlier this year.

        So I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple announces USB 3.0 support via Lightening for its new devices.

      • Chan

        YES, “You are a dumb ass” Another Bummmer!

        Well you got it all wrong dear. All digital means it can push
        anything and between whatever Apple damn wish. They just have to design a software interface for a new use of it.

        “No software upgrade can ever make this new “micro USB 3″ cable less awkward.”

      • Idon’t Know

        Why people like you post when you have no idea what you are talking about. Do you just make up what you want to hear and say it? USB 3 has a dedicated pin pair for USB 2 compatibility and the lightning connector can be easily updated to use both and work with both.

    • Lurking_Grue

      The lightning connector is good physically but sucks in terms of power and speed. I guess they called it lightning to confuse the fact that is is extremly slow.

      • Matt W

        Except it supports more power than this connector so you just seem confused.

      • macbrewer

        LOL, buzz, thanks for playing.

      • Sigivald

        … and how fast can any of the phones on the market actually take data over a cable?

        (Seriously, I don’t know – and I can’t find any benchmarks in a quick search.

        But I suspect that because they optimize for low power rather than Pretending To Be A Hard Disk, they’re not really pushing much past the limits of USB2 for throughput – if they’re even approaching them!

        Even ignoring what everyone else pointed out about Lightning maybe being able to take a USB3 upgrade in the future.)

      • Idon’t Know

        Again…wrong…Is it some sort of requirement that Android users post ignorant statements about Apple product they know nothing about?

    • das

      no they don’t cuz lightning port has no OTG ,and no true video output ,micro usb pwns lightning shit

  • Jared G.

    I don’t see the big deal? In order to take a step forward with this technology we have to take a step back. that step back just happens to be how the charging cable looks.

    • dshan

      You just keep taking those backwards steps convinced that you are actually going forward, the rest of us will trust our senses and sense of logic.

      P.S. When you hit MS-DOS and a nine-pin serial cable on your backwards/forwards trip just ignore them and keep going.

      • muadibe

        Hilarious. Thanks for the laugh. (not being sarcastic. too funny).

      • macbrewer

        LOL, but when you go so far back into PeeCee standards-land, if you get to parallel ports, you have gone too far.

    • kgelner

      Apple took a step forward, and then took another step forward. I don’t think back ever has to be involved if you are going forward.

    • Kitkat

      Going backward while moving forward sounds like MJ’s Moonwalk

  • Artur Nóbrega

    Come on, guys! There’s a true need to have a beautiful cable? If this one works faster while charging and transfering data, it’s better than lightening.DOT.
    Sure, be able to connect with both sites is great, but It might even make the connection easier, since you can FEEL the right side.

    PS.: you CANT connect the old cable in a wrong way. So, no need to “AIM” while connecting.

    • Chris Licata

      I have a feeling that the iPhone 5S and 5C will support USB 3 via the lightning cable. In the future possibly even thunderbolt. I don’t care personally since I sync over wifi

      • DarkXale

        Not enough pins in the lightning connector for that.

        • Chris Licata

          USB 3 has 4 pins doesn’t it? If you mean for thunderbolt, I’m sure apple will find a way

    • Whenever I use a device with a MicroUSB cable I always have trouble figuring out which side is which. With Lightning and the iPhone 5, I can connect it any way I want and it goes in super smoothly. I really love what Apple did with the new cable standard.


      • ooohhaaahh

        touch connector tip, one side has “fangs”
        fangs go on the top when plugging in. or feel smoothness, flip and it goes in.
        but thats so hard for most people, so i can understand your pain. had to get locks for my house with car styled keys since i have trouble putting the key in with the correct side up.

        see how dumb that sounds. lightning is “SO GREAT AND EASY” the only benifit is when drunk or asleep (no to mention all cable based accessories are now useless or you buy over pricesd adapter praying it’s usable with yours), and even then i’ve seen/done more difficult, so some people here seem like they might need more supervision from their handlers
        i mean some of you drive cars…..
        (and i’m not surprised why i almost get hit every 5 mins, especially when they try and yell that they had right of way as they are next to a yield sign for them, ect
        /rant or w/e)

        • I’ve found the MiniUSB cables to be much harder to plug in than their regular USB counterparts.

          I’m glad you have had a better experience with them.


  • Lightning, as in thunder and lightning. Not Lightening, as in making something lighter.

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      Typo fixed, thank you.

  • nilram

    Yes it’s f-ugly. But “it’s going to make coming home at night and trying to plug in your phone that much more complicated of a procedure.” Really?


    I don’t come home at night that drunk that often.

    • Paul

      yes it does…. I often forget to plug my phone when I go to bed and right as I am about to fall asleep I remember that I hadn’t plugged my phone …. no worries, I roll over, fish for the cable and plug it in…. I don’t have to turn the light on, zap my eyes and go blind for 5 seconds just to plug in a darn cable! To each his own I guess. and yeah, I am very happy about the discrete size of the connector in my car too!

  • SuperMatt

    Lightning and lightening are two different things.

  • njbartlett

    I like it. Nice modular design, you can actually still plug in a USB 2 connector and it will still work, albeit at lower data transfer speeds.

    • Space Gorilla

      Sir, all your taste is in your mouth.

  • yourma2000

    Yeah it’s silly looking but who gives a shit? Only the Apple crowd are bothered by how their cables look, it can be penis shaped for all I care aslong as it speeds up and file transfer.

    • threeseed

      You’re an idiot. It’s not about how it looks. It’s about how it works.

      I plug my phone in at least twice a day. It would drive me insane to spend so much time checking the connector to make sure I plugged it in the correct way.

      • Alien Cyborg Fetus

        lol wow having to look at what your doing? your right, crisis!

        • drjayesh

          It means ease of use.
          I have switched from a non-reversible to reversible connector and its really a sweet thing.

      • yourma2000

        What do you mean “the correct way”? I don’t see how this is any different from the current USB standard for phones, I don’t have a problem plugging in the MicroUSB to my phone because I know the curved edge of the connector faces upwards for my phone, if the challenge of trying to get a connector in the right way around really drives you that mad then you should really take a dyslexia screening test.

      • Sam M.

        How on earth did you live through 10 years of the dock connector, which is entirely symmetrical but only plugs in one way?

        • Lurking_Grue

          Which was MUCH larger than a USB3 cable. Oh but then it was an elegant solution that offered many advantages to your pedestrian usb cable.

    • ronjiedotcom

      And Samsung

      • yourma2000

        I’m a Samsung user and I couldn’t care less

        • ronjiedotcom

          You’re a Samsug user and… YOU ARE NOT SAMSUNG.

          • yourma2000

            Why would Samsung be bothered? I don’t recall them ever caring about their wires before.

          • ronjiedotcom

            I’m sure you’ve heard of Google, the search engine. Search for “Samsung copy of apple cable.”

          • yourma2000

            If they did want to go in this direction why haven’t they implemented a similar copied style on all of their new phones?

          • ronjiedotcom

            It looks like you think you’re smart because you have swayed the conversation away from the original topic. You talked about people who are bothered by how their cable looks. I said Samsung was one of them, too. And then you say you’re a Samsung user and you’re not bothered. I told you I was talking about Samsung and not Samsung users. And then, no recognition of your mistake, you just asked why would Samsung be bothered? How would I know? Why not ask them? Because I just showed you they were clearly bothered — about how their cables look. You obviously think you are soooo smart. Good for you.

          • ooohhaaahh

            ….well before you said anything about samsung copying the apple cables you should have addressed the topic change.
            also i hear lots of lightning plugs that break for no reason. and if you really need to look at your phone to be able to plug it in right you might have bigger things to worry about

          • ronjiedotcom

            oooh…. the samsung “crowd” are ganging up on me. of course it’s all my fault now! okay, i’ll leave you to your playground now, little ones. have fun but be safe!

          • yourma2000

            I was talking about the Apple consumers when I said Apple crowd, not the company, you’re the one who started talking about the companies, that’s why I thought you were referring to the Samsung users when you said “And Samsung”, so if anything, you’re the one who’s changed the topic by bringing up Samsung’s own perception you fuck nut.

          • kevinkee

            oh yourma2000 just shut up already, you know you are wrong.

          • yourma2000

            Yeah ok, I’ll just shut up for you because you told me to, dumbarse, do even know what’s going on? I was talking about consumer views and he started talking about the companies POV, I didn’t know what he was talking about so I started quizzing him.

          • Box of Cotton Swabs

            Why would Samsung be bothered? I don’t recall them ever caring about their users before.

          • yourma2000

            So how did Samsung rattle your arsehole?

    • drjayesh

      Did you read faster transfers anywhere> No? Because that’s not gonna happen. Just faster charging. Which still is slower than lightening cable. And it looks hideous. And its a tiny pain to use every time. A bit of extra hassle, designed by Samsung. Enjoy.

      • yourma2000

        Phones and tablets aren’t going to be stuck on current speeds forever.

        • drjayesh

          Nor are adapters. Whats the need for this today?

          • yourma2000

            Well it’s going to happen one day, we’re at the beginning of the transition from NAND flash to resistive memory which are faster by far than flash, one of the first places they’re going to be used is mobile devices because of their energy saving benefits.

          • drjayesh

            So…. you have a bulkier adapter for Note 3 because Note 4 MAY be able to use it fully? Logic slam-dunk

          • yourma2000

            Does it matter if it’s slightly bigger? How is it going to have a negative effect on your life?

          • yourma2000

            So what if it’s slighter bigger, is that going to dramatically change your life for the worse?

      • Lurking_Grue

        What you you mean not faster transfer? It’s fucking USB3 while the lightning connector is actually USB2.

        This is a standard connector and not designed by Samsung. For fucks sake it’s been on modern hardrives for more than a year.

        • macbrewer

          Designed by Samsung? LOL

  • mike

    Everyone here is dumb. The top piece of the cable is micro 3.0, the bottom is micro 2.0. They did it this way so 2.0 isn’t instantly obsolete, unlike what Apple did with Lightning. The next generation of phones will just have the top 3.0 part.

    • ftaok

      Is that true? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard. I just bought a USB3 hard drive and it came with one of these cables. The other end is a standard USB-A connection. Why didn’t the just give me a cable with the microUSB3 on the other side? Nope, I got one of these monstrosities. It’s not like this cable can be used for anything else.

    • Max Pinton

      I don’t think Mike is right. Looking at the USB page on Wikipedia, the new connector adds five pins: four data and ground. No power. So if a future device had only the new portion of the connector, it wouldn’t be able to charge.

  • John Malone

    I hope people understands that USB3 is a gimmick for tablets/phones. The transfer rates will be the same as USB2. The only reason for switching to USB3 is power and still Lightning provide far more power.

    The Flash memory in todays phones/tables barely breaks 15mbps transfer rates. I hope Apple will fix this with their Anobit flash controller.

    Just wait for all the Fandroids and their: We have USB3 and you only have USB2.

    • Scott Madde

      On paper, the numbers don’t lie. You are right, is faster in numbers. But in reality, it’s actually slower. Just a smaller battery to fill up. The rate of mAh transfer is significantly reduced in Apple’s connector when compared to the microUSB, 2.0 USB. All Apple did was move up to where we’ve been and now, i guess, where we’re leaving. But it’s backwards compatible, unlike lightning

      • PhilXYZZ

        What exactly do you mean by “backwards compatible” here? It’s clear that this beast of a plug won’t fit in any micro USB 2.0 port. I suppose you could mean “It’s 100% software compatible, and you just need to get a different cable to make it work”, but in that sense, Lightning is also “backwards compatible” with USB 2, micro USB 2, the 30-pin dock connector, HDMI, VGA, etc.

        I suppose you could say that if you had the right device but the wrong cable (and not the other way around), a “micro USB 3” device could use a “micro USB 2” cable and still work at about 1/10th the speed. But what’s the point? Even the Wifi in an iPad is faster than USB 2 these days.

        Maybe the idea is that if I went somewhere with some techie friends and didn’t bring a cable, that I could borrow somebody else’s micro USB 2 cable to charge my micro USB 3 device. But that’s a pretty big stretch. Why would I bring a device that needed charging and not the tiny cable required to charge it? And I’ve never been in any group of friends where there was a micro USB cable available to borrow, but not an iPhone cable.

        Any way I look at it, Lightning is just as good in practice as micro USB 3. It may not be better (apart from being prettier, and able to be plugged in either way), but it’s certainly not worse.

      • zieroh

        To be frank, you’re talking out your ass here. You are making up nonexistant facts and stating them as if they were the holy gospel.

        Please refrain from blathering on about things that you clearly know nothing about.

        • Winter Charm

          Exactly what did he say that’s wrong?

          Quote the parts that you have a problem with, and then show us evidence to refute his points.

          Until you do that, your accusations mean nothing.

          • Matt W

            Well first he just flat out lies about the lightning adapters power capacity. After that, nothing in his post is actually relevant.

            What are you supposed to say when someone’s post is just made up? Scott post is all just made up. No need to quote a particular section. Nothing in it is true. Until you provide facts supporting Scott’s claims, your defense is meaningless.

    • Lurking_Grue

      USB3 is not the same transfer rates as USB2. Or are you plugging your USB3 device into a USB2 port?

  • brucej

    crap, I thought this was a proprietary Seagate sort of thing, my new external drive has one of these things.

    That said, it’s not a lot different from the 4,325 OTHER different kinds of cellphone cables out there…

    • macbrewer

      Seriously? It’s a lot different from lightning connector!

  • blutz

    Well then maybe Apple should have open-sourced their Lightning connector so we could, ya know, actually use it on things other than Apple products. The 30-pin connector was nice and all but it just introduced a new layer of complexity of different devices using different cables.

    • Oluseyi

      While nice in theory, opening the connector up for standardization would have limited Apple’s ability to evolve its usage in line with their own strategic objectives. Look at the history of the Dock connector, and the way video was added to it, for instance. MUCH harder to do that with a standard connector—just look at USB MHL and its rate of adoption for comparison.

      Given the range of devices Apple sells, it’s vastly more useful to them to own the generic device connector, for today and tomorrow.

    • Bart

      LOL, there wouldn’t even BE USB to begin with had Apple not open-sources the firewire spec. Where do you think USB came from? Hint, it wasn’t (really) Intel. They just dumbed down firewire (published as an open standard by Apple, and running like 20 times slower with 16x fewer devices and NO POWER on the bus (v1.0).

  • Grizzly Bearington

    This is what the Leap Motion uses and it really isn’t a big deal. Sure it takes up more space on the phone itself, but that’s about it

  • Mike A

    What’s the problem? It’s asymmetric so that you can’t put it in the wrong way. If you care about having pretty, super-compact cables that aren’t compatible with any other phone, by all means go and buy an Apple.

    • Oluseyi

      People put asymmetric plugs in the wrong way all the time. That’s why symmetry appears to have been a design goal for Apple with the Lightning connector.

    • Rukakika

      If it was an advanced design, it would not be so large and the user would not be concerned with trying to put it in the wrong way. There would be no wrong way. That’s why people consider it backwards. You Samsung folk are always going on and on about how you think Apple doesn’t innovate anymore. This is how your beloved Samsung “innovates.”

      • TheRealCBONE

        It’s not like Samsung made it. Blame the USB Implementers forum. They came up with this stupidity.

        • KarlWa

          Are Samsung not members of the USB-IF?

          I seem to remember Apple putting in counter-proposals to the nano-SIM when it wasn’t small enough for them. They slugged it out against Nokia, RIM and Moto’s combined proposal and won.

          The whole point of a standard-setting forum is that the specification is not just totally out of your hands. Especially if you’re a massive conglomerate like Samsung who will be shipping hundreds of millions of these connectors across all their devices.

        • Rukakika

          And Samsung was free to choose something else.

          • Bart

            Except they are just there to copy, and not much else. I only wonder why they haven’t just ripped off the lightening cable. What’s stoping them from the same-old, same-old rip off Apple and sell it to people who don’t even know there is an entire ecosystem they are missing out on by buying their paint-by-numbers ‘version’ of the iPhone.

          • Rukakika

            The Samsung “Watch” is proof how lame Samsung is when they don’t have Apple to copy from.

          • Bart

            Agreed, as is all their phones pre-iPhone. Take a good look at them sometime, it’s hilarious.

          • Kitkat

            I swear I’ve seen this comment somewhere else

    • PhilXYZZ

      Yes, I like having pretty, compact electronic devices that are easy to use. Having cables that are compatible with what random other people on the street are using is not a priority for me (why would it be?).

      You seem like you’re trying to make this sound like a bad thing. “If you like good, attractive things that work well for you, by all means buy them from the company that is making them! Ha!”

      I guess when I start liking big, ugly things whose only selling point is compatibility with other people’s phones (why am I plugging them in, again?), and not my own phone when it happens to be upside-down, I’ll take a look at Android phones. (Or tablets, I guess, but I’ve never seen an Android tablet in real life.)

      • Mike A

        “I guess when I start liking big, ugly things whose only selling point is compatibility….I’ll take a look at Android phones.”

        That’s exactly my point. Clearly Android is not for you. By all means, go buy Apple instead.

  • SockRolid

    This is why Apple created the Lightning cable.
    Enjoy yet another ugly kludge, Android fans.

    • halo

      Android fans simple enjoy the fact that they can easily find a compatible charging cable anywhere they go. Contrary to my Apple user friends, who always need chasing/coordination/planning to get a freaking charging cable if they forget to carry theirs.

      • jonathanbaldwin

        Which isn’t difficult as you’re never far away from an iPhone user 😉

        • Scott Madde

          You can rent iphone users from starbucks, other than that, you’ll have to go to the apple store for your apple user.

          • ever gas station and hardware store I’ve been to sells iPod/iPhone cables. they’re everywhere. as lightning replaces 30-pin they will be everywhere too.

          • macbrewer

            Precisely, iPhone cables ARE a standard now. However, this is invisible to fandroids. Only normal people can see them everywhere you turn for around $5 a pop. Lightning isn’t quite there yet, but give it six months.

            Then in two years, the high end Androids will feature it, and will advertise it as the ‘next big thing’. At that point, Fandroids will love it and the new ‘innovation’ from Samsung, which will be a LARGER lightning connector they call ‘glimmer’. They will also make commercials denegrating Apple for having invented it in the first place.

            Or, something like that.

        • halo

          Maybe this is true in the USA, but I have a secret to tell you, there are parts of the Earth that do not belong to the USA. Accurately 95.5% of the earthlings lives in these places.

          • jonathanbaldwin

            I don’t live in the USA. What’s your point?

          • maccswe

            I don’t live in the USA, Im from Sweden and your statement is so wrong. Everywhere i turn my head I see people with iphone cables. I have never had a problem to find a iphone cable when i need one.

  • justfinethanku

    I don’t get it, whats the point if the “micro” side is almost the same size as the USB side?

    • kgelner

      I was thinking the same thing! What is Micro about this at all? Just because it’s kind of thinner on one end?

    • Bif

      Mostly performance.

    • PhilXYZZ

      The original “USB B” connectors were practically square. This is still much smaller than them.

    • “Micro” is actually just the amount of effort they put into it.

  • aaron

    Its ugly and feels like a step backwards…

  • Open doesn’t even win beauty contests.

  • Pyro

    Fail article…

  • Scott Wilson

    It’s a cable. Who cares. Seriously. You sound like a bunch of girls at a fashion show.

  • Alien Cyborg Fetus

    yeah they should have made some other proprietary cable no one has. granted that extra 1/4 inch on the end of the plug will be seriously heavy.

  • jameskatt

    At least this is not a copy of Apple’s Lightining port! Har har har. This is great for Samsung.

  • Prof. Peabody

    I don’t get it. These cables have been around for ages. Has everyone here not seen one before? They are also not always incased in the giant purple plastic dealie. Some of them are much more svelte.

    Compared to lightning they suck of course, but they are standard USB 3 type cables as have been in use in my office for at least a year or two now.

    • yourma2000

      The angle of the photo makes it seem larger than it is, frankly I don’t have a problem with it, I use chargers to charge my phone, not sign them up for a fashion shoot in Vogue.

    • They’re really only been used with HDDs thus far, though.

      Most people, I imagine, haven’t upgraded to USB 3.0 HDDs.

    • Dexter

      This! Have the author been living under a rock for two years? These cables come with all sorts of devices all the time. I remember years ago when I first got one with an external HDD, looked at the connector for 3 seconds thinking “hmm, this is new” and thats all there was to it, havn’t given it a thought since.

  • m3kw

    I have idea, let’s remove the space from that second socket!

  • This is not a new connector, and yes, it is still superior to Apple’s proprietary connector. It’s upwardly compatible.

    • 2011CTSV

      You have absolutely no idea what LIghtning is, do you?

  • JxRxBlanchard

    Ha! You guys and your cables, I haven’t had to plug anything into my phone in I don’t know how long. Viva La Pre. Long live WebOS!

  • Reasons2AvoidAndroid

    This connector has existed for over two years.

    I first saw it on a Seagate GoFlex Desk 4TB in early 2011

    I’m surprised they would put this on a phone. Unless you stop, think and look what you are doing it’s awkward as hell to connect

  • Aronofsky1978

    Oh no, what an ugly cable! I will never buy anything from Samsung again as cables are the most important features of my phone! I’m an Apple user myself but really don’t know what all of this fuss is about. What about hybrid cars? They have cables that are not really eye candy…should we go for a ‘cable-free’ (read old fashioned tree killing) car instead?

    • lin2log

      Wow… what SUPERB LOGIC! LOL! So which other NEW and NON-fugly and completely different cable connections for hybrid cars are you exactly comparing then??

      Yeah… didn’t think so, dumbass.

  • lalala

    PS this is a charger.nothing to fight about,its not world war 3!nuff said.

  • ubersoldat

    Come on, you’re now surprised? Most USB3 portable hard drives have had this from some time now.

  • Roy Judd

    Western Digital have been using this cable for their ‘My Passport’ range of portable back-up devices for some time. Truth is, they’re not that bad when seen in the flesh. They’re half the thickness, though a hair’s width wider, than a standard USB plug. That video close-up does no favours but, aesthetics aside, I can’t see anyone having any issues with it in use.
    I use one daily to back up my MacBook Pro (I know, I know…what’s an Apple fanboy doing on an Android site?).

  • David Bergman

    Looks like Samsung is getting a lot of hate from Apple-users for this connector. It would have been a lot worse from Android-users if they used a proprietary connector. Keep on hating, it’s still the best outcome of the situation.

  • It is maybe ugly, but it is backwards compatible with old MicroUSB connector.
    I’ll rather have ugly connector with lots of advantages, than lighning.

    • Kensei Yonzon

      Exactly what are the “lots of advantages” you speak of? and are you saying Lightning has no advantages aside from looking good? what are you, a troll?

  • Joshua J. Slone

    I like that it’s a USB cable I won’t try to plug in upside down.

  • Dan Moses

    USB 3.0 is really only necessary for speed. For most people this won’t make any difference at all. The phone will still charge with a standard micro USB if you want it to. The port is designed for this. The majority of external drives have already switched to USB 3.0. It’s just an extra feature that’s there if you want to use it.

  • Aaron Toponce

    … because the first thing I think when I purchase a new phone is “how attractive is the cable”?

  • Trevor White

    … People will bicker about any pointless thing. Close the browser, walk away from the computer, do something you enjoy. You’ll be happier.

  • nedarata

    wanted to buy note 3
    not anymore

  • Jon Konrath

    go home Samsung, you’re drunk.

  • peter

    I have one of these connectors on an external hard drive and on a card reader, it works fine and is fast. However, I cannot see these USB 3.0 connectors work in a dock connector, because it really needs to be aligned properly and needs a push.

    The USB 3.0 connector is really a desktop technology, but for mobile devices and frequent plugging/unplugging it is not all that great.

    • ᅠᅠᅠ

      Good point on the “push”, but I think docking is where having an orientation-dependent connector actually matters the least, because it’s usually very clear which way the device goes in (and that it only goes in one way).

  • shazbat

    This is a case of the USB forum solving the wrong problem, or device manufacturers using the wrong solution. Nobody cares about cable compatibility in the long run.

    • The Cappy

      They actually do. You might argue that they should care a little less, and I might agree with you. But compatibility is something a lot of people care about.

      • shazbat

        Key words being “in the long run.” Sure, the guy who has eight old micro-USB cables in his house might have been annoyed. In the long run, though, it’s incredibly short-sighted. Consumers will adapt, at very low cost, and in five years, would have been better off with a smaller connector. Micro USB 2 cables will disappear from the market, but we’ll still be saddled with this monstrosity.

        • Pooka

          Not to mention everything, including power charging, is going wireless. The geek world seems to be the ones clinging to the past these days.

          • Bart

            Charging is not going wireless, despite what some people think. It’s hideously expensive, compared to a cable, and generates mostly electro-magnetic interference and heat, not charging. What you really need is a great connector, like an Apple dock, and/or lightening cable. That way, you dock the device about as easily as laying it on a stupid charging mat anyway (and 10X quicker).

  • t.m.

    Quit whining stupid apple fanboi — it will be easier to manage than the
    micro usb. it has a notch that identifies which side is up or down. Much easier to use in the dark.

    • The Cappy

      The Apple connected doesn’t need a notch, because there is no up or down side. Tone down the name calling a little and educate yourself.

      • t.m.

        You missed the point entirely — this is an android forum and the author is promoting a proprietary apple connector over a “standard” usb3 micro connector and calling it hideous. The author is obviously uninformed or simply an apple fanboi troll. see this link for other pic of the standard connector

        • Comment Zilla

          It is hideous just like Samsung’s smart watch!

        • Pooka

          Lightning is a technically and beautifully designed connector. Geeks used to care about things like that before geek culture because the cesspit it is today that uses “fanboi” seriously.

        • 2011CTSV

          Defending a unidirectional connector makes you look like an idiot. Lightning connector works regardless of how you plug it in. Go ahead, tell me more about how that “only works one way” connector is such a genius idea.

          • t.m.

            If this were a design forum you have a point. However, once again you
            avoid the point. No matter how elegant the design, promoting Apple on an
            android forum is absurd. Apparently this forum is composed of those who
            want Apple products but cannot afford to purchase them, so in their
            self-loathing they promote all things apple and disparage everything that is not. . .

  • ericpruss

    The USB3 CONNECTOR (the cable is the long wiry bit, you know) has been published for years now and showed every single exhibit of being engineered without ANY thought whatsoever about the end user and the issues they will encounter.

    I can surely imagine that Apple saw it and immediately said “Oh, hell no!” and sat down thinking of a better design and thus was born the Lightning connector. It’s not perfect, but it’s sure as hell better than the old 30 pin dock connector and miles ahead of the stupid USB3 micro connectors.

    There is ONE redeeming value in the USB3 micro-connectors – they are backwards compatible with USB2 micro-connectors (they don’t look it, but they are), but I personally do NOT see that as worth the extra-size, one-sidedness and general fiddliness though.

  • zachary ponds

    i’ve been had this for my usb 3.0 external hard drive, this is nothing new…

  • Try to get that hooked up in the dark. Which end up is always the problem. Jamming it in the wrong way? I think I’ll keep my new Apple thingie. Either side up. Always clicks in. Magnets hold it there. The connections flip over depending on which way you plugged it in.

  • Cables by committee – everyone has input and no one is happy!

    • The Cappy

      “A camel is a horse designed by a committee” as they say.

  • spielbrot

    True innovation again from Samsung. First a silly watch and now this.

    • Ryan Lockwood

      What does USB 3.0 have to do with Samsung, other than their phone is the first one to use the new standard?

      • Bart

        LOL, they should have called it USB 4.0+ for people like you. It’s a USB 2 cable with (still lousy) USB 3 charging.

        • Ryan Lockwood

          For people like me? I’m aware of what USB 3.0 is. Are you? Everyone that has anything new from 2005+ uses USB 3.0 already. This is just the first phone to use it…not seeing what the big deal is.

  • n900mixalot

    At least this is backward compatible! Lightening not so much.

    • 2011CTSV

      Backwards compatibile with what? What devices are on the market now that use that form factor? What phones can I plug that cable into?

      • n900mixalot

        You can still plug a regular micro USB cable into a Note 3 and charge it. Can you charge an iPhone 5 with an old iPhone cable without an adapter? The PORT on the Note 3 is backward compatible.

        • 2011CTSV

          So what you’re saying is that the note 3 is the only phone that has this connector. Funny, that sounds a lot like the argument people made against Lightning. The difference, of course, being that Lighting doesn’t use an idiotic unidirectional connector design. Oh, and that Lightning is used by the iPhone 5, the iPod Touch, the iPod Nano, the iPad and the iPad Mini. And every mobile device Apple makes going forward.

          Did I mention you can plug a Lightning connector in any way you want and it’ll still work?

          • n900mixalot

            The Note 3 works with old universal connectors. The iPhone 5 doesn’t without an adapter. That’s my point, the devices with the port are NOT backward compatible. It isn’t a showstopper but it isn’t user friendly. The new USB 3 port IS.

            Anyway, I use wireless charging on my Note II most of the time so this is all minor.

          • 2011CTSV

            I don’t think you understand what “user friendly” means. Unidirectional connectors are not user friendly, because you can’t just plug it in, you have to look at it first and figure out which way it’s supposed to go in, and good luck doing that if you’re in a place with dim lighting. You know what is user friendly? Being able to just plug it in. You don’t have to care which way you plug it in, just plug it in. People like that, that’s what makes it user friendly.

            Also, I don’t think you’ve thought this through all the way. You’re complaining that Lightning isn’t backwards compatible, but why does that matter, exactly? When you buy an iPhone 5, it comes with a Lightning cable. When you buy any of the devices I mentioned above, they all come with a Lightning cable. So why would you care that you can’t plug an older 30-pin cable into it?

            Also, let’s be clear about this: the Lightning connector was a long time coming. it replaced Apple’s 30-pin connector which they had been using since 2002. They had to replace the connector because the size of their devices, or their thickness, has been shrinking and it was starting to become impossible to fit the 30-pin connector onto the devices any more. Moving to the Lightning connector was a fairly standard evolutionary development, and complaining about it makes it seem like you don’t have a good understanding of why they did it.

          • n900mixalot

            I get its convenient but don’t leave your adapter at home because chances are, lightening chargers won’t be anywhere near as easy to find as a micro USB charger.

            That Samsung kept their device micro USB compatible, they made sure users can use an existing standard charger in addition to their newer high powered charger. That’s all I’m saying.

          • 2011CTSV

            Are you joking? I can buy Lightning cables or adapters in vending machines at airports for crying out loud. Every major electronics store carries them. And in fact since most Android phones use proprietary adapters (mini or micro USB but with something added to make them proprietary), that actually makes it harder to find the kind of cable you need. A friend just went through this last week, she has an HTC One and standard micro usb cables don’t work. You have to buy the Verizon HTC cable.

            I realize that’s probably the fault of either Verizon or HTC and not Android or the USB standard itself, but it’s still an issue and it makes it very non-user friendly.

          • Bart

            LOL, no kidding! Meanwhile, good luck finding anything specific for any Android Du Jour(tm).

  • who’s laughing now, apple haters? apple does what’s best for the product and its customers, whether it’s standard or not.

  • Comment Zilla

    Love it! Almost the size of a smart watch! It’s just missing the screws!

  • Joshington Braham

    Are human beings really that shallow that they care what a cable looks like? I’m so confused here, I don’t understand why the look of a cable has any significance…

    • orthorim

      Not just the looks, also the functionality; this looks stupid all the way. You had a choice and this is the best you came up with – WTF? I was annoyed with the lightning connector…. until now. Now I am glad there’s a consumer electronics company around that cares about how things look and how things work; because believe it or not others seem incapable of doing that.

      It’s not that hard now is it?

  • Eden Sinclair

    USB3 cable = $1 from any store, compatible with hundreds of products.
    Lightning = $25 from the apple store, compatible with one phone.

    Jesus christ, it’s a goddamn cable, I’ve been using USB3 cables for years and yes, I constantly unplug and plug in different hard drives.

    • Pooka

      If you Google for ten seconds you can find Lightning cables for $1

      • macbrewer

        LOL, that’s a 10 whole seconds. But then, you would save that in one night if you have ever fumbled for the cord in the dark.

  • I guess this is a good way to show how Apple is still innovating in its business…

    • Pooka

      I’m not even an Apple fanboy, but the Lightning connector is absolutely sweet.

      Did they even try and make the USB3 connector orientation independent?

      • ᅠᅠᅠ

        They tried to make it backwards-compatible. If it’s either one or the other, that seems far more worthwhile. Orientation-dependency keeps you from plugging it in if you’re stupid. Lacking backward-compatibility keeps you from plugging it in, period.

  • macbrewer

    “Did Apple get things right with Lightning? When they first showed it off, I thought it was the stupidest thing in the world to do, to introduce a new proprietary connection. ”

    Don’t worry, this is the typical fandroid reaction.

  • Ferdinand Chetler

    this looks just like the one I’ve been using on my usb3 hdd cable for some time now. or am i missing something?

  • Idon’t Know

    The Lightning connector has many advantages over any form of USB. Apple didn’t use a mini USB connector because the connector isn’t smart enough. It only has enough pins for charging and syncing and very low level video like web cams but no dock functions. The Lightning connector transmit audio, video and data and video at a much higher rate than USB 2. It also provides much more power which was needed to have a cable that would charge iPads. Many Android tablets have proprietary power chargers because usb does not supply enough power. Some do use micro-usb but it’s a proprietary micro usb that meets no standards. Also the lightning connector is small. double sided and connects securily. They are easy to find cheaply now too as manny companies make them.

    • Daniel

      Not “smart” enough for docking? You don’t have much of a clue what you’re talking about, do you?

      Yes, Lightning is faster than USB 2. So is USB 3.

  • Voltaire Avila

    it’s a monster , kill it with fire!

  • Mohamed Mohamed

    Id wait until the nano usb releases

  • jpswain

    I’m not so concerned about the looks of the cable as I am over the functionality of the Galaxy Smart Dock having a micro USB 2 connection and not a USB 3. It is known for lagging while watching YouTube and HuLu downloads. Samsung should be able to resolve this issue with a direct USB 3 docking for the new Note 3. Then I can charge the Note 3 in the “Smart Dock” while using the full capabilities of the Note 3 as a stand alone computer with a connection to keyboard and wide screen 1080 p monitor /TV. Hurry up Samsung, If you want to sell me on the Smart Dock.

  • SamDS

    doesnt this already exist? but plugs into a harddrive instead of a phone?

    • Hakro807

      I bought an external 2.5″ hard drive case and it used this kind of connector.

  • photohounds

    a MUCH more robust connector and a higher data rate for those who want secure data transfer. And yes, it is the standard connector. It will also support USB 3.1 – so called thunderbolt speeds.

  • RedButtdAmericanMale

    Hi! We’re all douchebag apple fanboys!

  • Eff u

    You people are fucking stupid. It is that ugly because it is retrocompatible, meaning you still can use your USB 2.0 and are not force to pay a new one.I hope you get a (very pretty and seamless) punch to the face.

  • network admin

    I like it. Looks good. wtf are you whinging about?

  • Mac

    it was about goddamn time! finally, I just wish the new xperia z1f had this..
    So how much faster is a charging cycle on this one?

  • Mac

    Seems like this is a Apple Fanboy site judging by the comments below. so I just like 2 add, the fact that this usb standard is very much more common than the lightning power cord. Backward compatibility with older ones and almost everyone has it in some way at home . But I do have 2 agree with the user friendly iPhone cable but we all used to original usb A n B cables which are all one sided.

    For the rest I think it is maybe a bit easier to put the usb 3.0 micro in the phone than the regular micro. But I almost never use the usb connection as a have charging dock for my Xperia, and got buy a new xperia soon using magnetic connectors, peace!

  • ajljwl

    I have owned a Note 3 for a week now. Every night I plug a usb 2 charger in by feel in my pitch black bedroom without difficulty. I use the usb 3 charger at work and it is super fast. My first impressions of the usb 3 cable from Samsung (came with the Note) were quite positive; the exact opposite of “hideous.” I don’t understand why people have such a hard time with directional plugs.

  • PiquePique

    I have the Samsung Note 3 and it comes with this USB 3.0, thank God that it is backwards compatible with the Note 2 Smart Dock…

  • Adrian

    I would agree if I can find a Apple approved cable that don’t break(even Apple’s own cables do this) after a month.

  • KidKid

    For my GN3 I have the USB3 connector at home and a USB2.0 connector at work.
    USB2.0 charges slower but I’m at work so it doesn’t bother me so much.

    I recommend anybody to buy this phone. You don’t need a foolproof connector like the one apple made. If you come home drunk one night, you don’t need to look for the cord. 10% battery life will last you til morning.

  • AcemanX AcemanX

    Hideous? Wtf are these people smoking? My note 3 cable is gorgeous, it’s the next evolutionary step, and the note 3 was the world first on a technology that will be standard years from now..

  • Me

    Dude, it’s NOT that big a deal. What’s with all the people crying about the “ugly” 3.0 cable? Who cares what the cable looks like, it’s 10 times faster data rate. And it’s much less confusing b/c it’s very obvious there is only one way to plug it in.
    Case in point, I have an external hard drive that uses USB 3.0 standard. I transfer large files to and from it regularly. After you see how much better 3.0 is you’ll slap yourself in the face for not using it sooner.

  • That Guy

    lightning is only a different shaped USB 2.0 cable you can’t compare it to micro USB 3.0 and is was a smart thing to have phones backward compatible with old cables even if it makes the port and connector look a little ugly

  • dustin h.

    author is a douche bag. go buy an iphone.

  • Alexander

    Who cares how it looks like? When it’s plugged in you won’t see it anyway. Geek problems….

  • nuttin

    OMG, Might was well put a VGA port on the device with accompanying grotesque cable.

  • Prakash Yerra

    Hello USB 3.0 , I guess it has more data transfer rate . 5Gbps.

  • Kan Cacham

    This is kinda an old comment board, but yeah no kidding, USB 3.0 has that type of adapter, so why wouldn’t a device also have it?

    I suppose you can adopt an old adapter, etc, for plugging in an otg cable, etc, etc, and just have 2.0 if you wanted, I mean, that extra port is because it’s added data through another line//fibreline,,,,,

    Did this really surprise anyone? I mean, how long has 3.0 been around now?

  • Justin Martinez

    I happen to think it looks cool and powerful it doesn’t feel flimsy like the micro USB 2 connectors do

  • regb

    Really? this connector is erm.. a connector…wow! it looks different…ugly? really? its a connector. I got one it plugs in and does what its meant to, who really cares that it’s wider oh dear oh dear shame on you Samsung?……get real……that’s all

  • SHaTRO

    Problem is that the micro USB 3.0 cable is less reliable (at least the one that comes with the Note 3). My wife and I both have Note 3, both with the USB 3.0 cable (white version but similar to the one shown). In less than a month, the connectivity of the cables has become unreliable. It is not the socket specifically, but the cable “pivots” on the center bar between the plugs. I’m guessing this is a machining thing, and the plug needs notch or something at the connecting junction.

  • Rashida

    I don’t see anything wrong with it at all!

  • Samsung, Apple, and another super duper engineers out there – don’t f..k to reinvent the wheel. I came to conclusion that people who are bright in inventing or/and engineer something new and cool in same time are so stupid in marketing and social knowledge. Go do You wheels but I will buy products that stick to the standards. Talking about mobile hardware engineers and mobile software developers – please stick to multi-platform option (GNU/Linux, MS Windows, Mac OS X) – man’s main instrument is his/her computer and then only the mobile.

  • blah

    Who the hell cares about looks????? Its about how much power the cable outputs!!!!! Dumbasses.

  • Adam Waitforit Bielby

    Really not that big of a deal, my portable HDD has one of these
    connectors, I’ve never had any trouble plugging in, and my brother and
    sister inlaw both just got these phones, the connectors are no where
    near as bad as this person is making them out to be, plus if you don’t
    have your cable with you, almost everyone has a spare micro laying
    around, can an apple user do that? Almost everyone has an old apple
    charger somewhere, but not everyone has a lightning cable…

  • Tran Nguyen

    It’s better than the Mini USB 2. Cable Plug

  • Tom Bryant

    What about phone battery? Arent android phones useless with the current state of phone battery capacity? I was traumatized by a samsung milestone before switching to an iphone.

  • urza9814

    I just got the Galaxy S5 yesterday to discover this new port.

    I love it. I mean, I’m still trying to figure out what the hell the new wires are for (This is the fourth site I’ve been to talking about how “ugly” it is without saying a word about why it’s different) but the backwards compatibility is killer (I’ve got literally a dozen microUSB chargers scattered around, would really suck to have to replace those every couple years like Apple products) plus it’s a HELL of a lot more study than the old standard MicroUSB — the cable falls right out of my S3 all the time, but it’s rock solid is the S5.

    And plugging in is difficult? What are you, three? The dust cover on the S5 is a REAL pain in the ass, but the cable itself is just as easy as the old MicroUSB. In fact, if you use the full sized new cable it’s even easier since it doesn’t almost but not quite fit in upside down.

    This is EXACTLY how new standards should be designed.

  • scampcat

    Sorry, but I can’t STAND the micro-b connection on my new s5. It is IMPOSSIBLE to plug in by feel. You have to be looking at it to line up the plug. Otherwise, you’ll spend a good 2 minutes in an anxiety attack trying to get the stupid thing plugged in at night in the dark. Piss-poor design. Backwards compatible, yes. But that’s also similarly frustrating to plug in if going by touch alone. I can’t imagine this plug type will last. It’s a step in the wrong direction. Technology is supposed to make things easier. That includes plugging the damned thing in.

  • Robert Miles

    This is the first USB cable ever where you can actually TELL which way to plug the god damn thing in without having to reverse it twice. Who cares how ugly it is?

    • DocNo42

      Even better: Not having to care at all because the plug will work either way you insert it. Several external hard drives I own have this plug and it’s a ridiculous POS – I didn’t think they could make a connector that looked like it should obviously have one way to go in, but was still hard to get right – but they managed! By god they still managed somehow to screw up what should be ridiculously simple at this point.

      • Robert Miles

        urgh, that’s hard to hear. I guess I can see it, though. They do seem to try their hardest to camouflage the actual orientation from the user. unless you’re able to look into the port AND look at the notch in the end under full light.. jerks.. why not shape the grip or something?!?

        I wish the entire “marketing” profession could be outlawed, punishable by long prison sentences and rehabilitation. They have no business interfering with engineers. “Oh, look at the pleasant blue symmetry of the rhomboid, it speaks to the essential soul of the steadfast..” die in a fire.

  • Mike Allen

    Plugging in your phone is complicated? Really? Maybe you weenies should go back to just using a payphone or something.

  • tondeaf

    Actually, lightning is a POS.

  • felixk

    Compared to Thunderbolt USB 3.0, 4.0 5.0 is utter rubbish. Get rid of USB and the facist loving IBM for that matter. History seems to forget how instrumental they were in the Holocaust!!! Corporations should never be forgiven or their cancerous pand sychopathic deeds forgotte.

    • Sagitarriat Jefferspin

      stay calm, brother, stay calm

  • Wayne A Caddell Jr

    I’ve had an HTC Thunderbolt, a Samsung Galaxy S Skyrocket 2, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a Samsung Galaxy Note Pro, and a Samsung ATIV 500 Smart pc and a Samsung Galaxy tab 2 10.1
    The only one I had issues with was the Samsung Galaxy tab 2 10.1. Because it really wasn’t very fast but the Note Pro Tablet is outstanding. It’s as fast as my Note 3 smartphone. My only complaint is I wish it has the sound system of the HTC Ones. The HTCs have duel speakers and it’s the best sounding smartphone to me.
    As for iPhone products, I tried one just to check it out. To me, iPhone and iPad couldn’t do nearly as much as my Samsung products. Even my Samsung ATIV 500 smart pc tablet was way faster, than the latest Apple product. But this is just my experience. So I guess it’s up to what the user is used to.

  • deepairdiver

    Blimey the reviewer is such a big girls blouse ranting on over how a cable looks and how hard it is to fit etc.
    Man up whip and grow some nuts

  • Dave

    If you have an issue with connecting the new cable you’re most likely mildly retarded. It’s asymmetrical which means your odds of connecting it upside down are now zero. The author uses strong words like “hideous” to describe its appearance. Really? This is a thing? Go live life and find something worthwhile to complain about you anal retentive mouth breather.

  • Kornelije Kovac

    Is this a joke? We already have like dozen of USB connectors, do we really need a new one?!

  • Neb

    I really don’t know who is designing and approving these ridiculous designs. The designer and everyone behind this should be publicly revealed and burnt on a stake. How many brain cells would require to design a freakin reversible connector? I could switch back to iPhone just because of the ingenious reversible lighning thing.

  • Maker of sense

    Omg! The extra 1 to 2 seconds it takes me to plug it into my s5! Its totally not worth the hassle for extremely fast charges (compared to my old phones) and not breaking as easy while using your phone while charging! Let’s write a review on a product that we used for 10 minutes and not give it enough time to actually sed the real benefits. What responsible reviewer. Yay you!

  • onstrike112

    What’s wrong with it? It gives something USB Type-C doesn’t. That’s backwards compatibility to the Micro-USB 2 stuff we ALL have. I HATE Type-C, and I’m glad none of my devices use it. When I replace any of my devices, I’ll find one that uses Micro USB 3 instead due to the backwards compatibility. Anyone who wouldn’t, is an idiot.

  • Not only is it ugly, the Fing thing constantly disconnects portable hard drives. Goddam useless thing designed by morons.

  • Erik Voghell

    On USB 2 I can get 1.8 A on a S4… it depends on the phone and the charging source, not on the cable. Of course a small or low quality cable will reduce the current that can go through. It have nothing to do with USB 2 or 3…

  • Now that this connector has been around for a while, the verdict is in – it’s a piece of junk. Comment boards all over the net are burning over portable drives that spontaneously drop because the micro-B ports have become unreliable with repeated plugging and unplugging. Let’s hope USB-C will be better. In the meantime, lightning is looking by pure genius by comparison.