How to root AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and the Korean LG G2

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Got yourself a brand new LG G2 and are looking to root it? Here is a very simple guide on how to root the new LG G2 in less than 5 minutes.  The LG G2 comes with a locked down bootloader, which makes rooting and flashing a custom ROM on the device comparatively trickier. Thanks to an exploit though, gaining root access on the G2 incredibly easy.

The below rooting process will work for the T-Mobile, AT&T and the Verizon variants of LG G2, but might also work with the unlocked variant being sold in other regions of the world. The process below won’t brick your phone, so there is no harm in giving it a try, even if you don’t own one of the carrier editions of the G2 listed above.

Step 1: Download and install the proper USB drivers (Verizon LG G2 drivers) on your Windows based PC. Then, head over to this link to download the rooting package bundled inside a ZIP file.

Step 2: Extract the contents of the ZIP file inside a new folder on your desktop. Enable USB Debuting on your G2 and connect it to your PC. You can enable USB Debugging from Developer Settings, which is hidden by default on Android 4.2+ devices. To enable USB Debugging, head over to Settings -> About Phone and tap the Build Number seven times. You should now see a new ‘Developer Settings’ sub-menu inside Settings, which contains the option to enable USB Debugging.

Step 3: Connect your G2 to your PC and wait for all the drivers to be detected. Now, double click on the “root.bat” file present inside the folder that you extracted on your desktop on the previous step.

Step 4: After your device has been detected, the window will prompt you to disconnect your device, disable USB Debugging, then again re-enable it and plug the phone back in.

Step 5: Once the device has been re-connected, the script will detect your device and automatically start the rooting procedure. During the process, you will be prompted whether you want to install the Superuser package or not. Make sure to install it, otherwise you won’t be able to give root access to your installed apps.

Step 7: There will also be a prompt asking whether you want to “trip rootchecker” or not. This a security fail-safe mechanism from LG, which detects whether your device has been rooted or not, and automatically voids its warranty. If you don’t trip rootchecker, your root access will be limited to ADB shell only.

Once you have gain root access on your LG G2, make sure not to accept any future OTA updates from your carrier or LG as it may patch the exploit used to gain root access.

If you are stuck at a specific step or are facing any problem, feel free to drop in a comment and we will be more than glad to help!

Update: As mentioned in the comments, if you own the Verizon’s variant of the G2, you will need to select the ‘Ethernet’ option in the USB connection type.

Via – XDA

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  • Clayton Hartung

    installed su but didnt gain root access

    • Jed

      same here.

  • RWW

    Worked perfectly. I had to reboot for the phone to show “Rooted” in the menu, but it was actually rooted right away.

  • munir

    Hello friends! Does g2 root in this way I got turke

  • Rich R.

    There will also be a prompt asking whether you want to “trip
    rootchecker” or not. This a security fail-safe mechanism from LG, which
    detects whether your device has been rooted or not, and automatically
    voids its warranty.

    So which is the right choice? Do I Trip Rootchecker or not? Which choice allows LG to detect the root and void the warranty?

    • Rajesh

      Yes, you will need to trip the root checker for gaining root access

      • lenientwhale

        If i were to unroot later will it reverse the root checker too?

        • greyfawkes

          I would love an answer to this. I need to unroot mine before i send it in for warranty, and want to know if that will reverse the root checker. If not, how can i?

          • Ben

            I’m sorry, but there is no way to reverse the root checker yet. I also rooted mine and later unrooted it for warranty purposes. Every root checker app in the app store says it’s not rooted, but when I put it in download mode, it still says “ROOTED” in red letters.

          • kaller

            That’s because it sets flag in the CPU that can’t be unset. Chip feature.

  • SweKiwi

    Noob question: If you root it, can you change the UI? The LGs pre-installed looks like sheit.

    • oskardav

      you dont need to root for that, just install nova launche , ADW launcher or w/e.

      • SweKiwi

        Worked wonders!

  • Me

    The zip file is corrupt?

  • funky

    On Verizon phones you have to select Internet connection, Ethernet, as the USB connection type. It just took me about 2 hours to finally find that on a forum somewhere. I SERIOUSLY wish this was addressed in any of the rooting tutorials!

    • Kevin Schumacher

      Thank you! This probably saved me hours too.

    • TheScoviile

      Thank you! This isn’t covered anywhere I’ve looked.

    • Rajesh

      Hey! Thanks for the information. Your pain will be someone’s gain.

  • JOHN


  • josh

    will this wipe my phone when i root? I want to root but dont want to have to set up phone again.

  • Micky Ganon

    A month ago I moved from iPhone OS to Android, why the hell is it so difficult to Root Android???? So many things to do for it.

  • David Hicks

    So, I just got done rooting my phone however, I never saw a prompt asking me about the trip rootchecker is that going to be an issue?

  • Lauser

    I’m getting an connection error to the daemon, which kills the entire process.
    Any idea why?

  • jovon

    i keep getting a success but in the actions above it tells me failed no directory found

  • Alan De Alba

    So when i run root.bat it just searches for my phone forever and never finds it i have the vzw variant and i have tried both ethernet and media tranfer mode and i know the usb drivers are installed so idk help anyone?

  • Juan

    i rooted my lg g2 and then updated a new update on it now i have no idea what to do my phone is so messed up and i cant download anything please help

    • R. Butler

      From my understanding, you aren’t supposed to update after rooting, as it overwrites the root and can lead to complications. Try sending it in and see if the company can un-brick your phone.

  • kitsumi

    when i extracted the files they do not show up in the folder

  • Geo Nadan

    hi when you root the phone can you still have kit kat & the lg ui on the phone, i got a korean lg 320L korean version of the lg g2, i just want to get rid of the korean apps & the korean s carrier bloat ware of the phone. is this possible by rooting, or is there another way