Motorola executive hints the company is working on a tablet


Lost in the flurry of the iPhone news extravaganza was a celebratory event for Motorola. The company held a dedication ceremony to celebrate the opening of its Fort Worth, Texas manufacturing plant. CEO Dennis Woodside was on hand talking it up with Engadget, and he had a lot to say about Motorola and its future.

One of the smallest and perhaps most significant quip from Woodside was about tablets. The reigning CEO of Motorola told Engadget that the company was working on a tablet. He refused to divulge details, but that’s enough information to get the rumor rill worked up about a much needed successor to the less-than-successful XYBOARD tablets.

Woodside also talked about Moto Maker and noted that the service was designed to expand based upon consumer preferences. “We’ll try and bring as much choice as possible. This isn’t kind of a one-story wonder … We think, in the future, people are going to want to configure with apps; they’re going to want to configure with software; memory size — maybe in the future even screen size … [and] even processor speed.” It could become a one-stop shop for you to order a custom tablet or smartphone that really reflects you.

So what do you think, would you be interested in a custom tablet from Motorola instead of a plan jane Nexus 7?

[Via Engadget]

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