Moto DVX hits the FCC, here’s what it looks like

Motorola’s Moto X is arguably the first real Google phone. Sure, there have been four Nexus phones from various companies, but Google actually owns Motorola, which changes everything. Now the Moto X is a great little device; I had the pleasure of using one for the first time over the weekend. I’m furious that it’s not on sale in Europe, but that’s where the DVX comes in. Supposedly it’s a lower end Moto X, though no one really knows what “low end” actually means.

Thanks to a discovery made by Android Police, we now have photos of the Moto DVX to gawk at, and they come straight from the FCC. The government certification body tested the device AT&T’s 3G bands, so it’s entirely possible that this is a 3G only phone, which again, would help cut costs. Judging by the photos, it also looks like the Moto DVX will have a smaller screen than the Moto X, though it’s hard to provide an accurate number.

Should you be excited about the Moto DVX? Assuming it’s cheap enough, absolutely. Not everyone needs an HD screen with a quad core processor and a camera with a double digit megapixel camera. Stick a two and a half year old Samsung Galaxy S II in the hands of a person who has never owned a smartphone, and they’ll think you’ve given them a magic rectangle.

The DVX will be that magic rectangle for lots of people, assuming it’s cheap enough.

Oh and one more thing: Rumor has it the DVX will become official in October.