Google Shopping Express app lands in the Play Store, lets you order from your phone

Folks living in San Francisco are going to like the new Google Shopping Express service. The  program offers same-day delivery service from stores like Target, Whole Foods and more. Customers can order from the web and, if they own an Android phone, they also can also place their orders directly from their device. It’s been in beta for a while, but it is now launching in the San Francisco Bay area.

Along with the service launch, the Google Shopping Express app hit the Play Store today with many of the features of the website. You can browse eligible stores and place an order that’ll arrive in just a few hours. New customers are eligible for a bonus offer that lets them try out the service for free. For six months, these customers can get unlimited same-day deliveries without spending a dime for the delivery. They, of course, still have to  pay for the items they purchase.

Same-day deliveries are available in San Francisco, the Peninsula and San Jose. You can check out the service here and download the app from the Google Play Store. It certainly is convenient for residents who can shop from the comfort of their home and have Google deliver their goods directly to their doorstep.

[Via Google]