Deutsche Telekom confirms they’re going to carry the Snapdragon 800 powered Galaxy S4

Samsung’s current flagship phone, the Galaxy S4, came out at a time when the Snapdragon 600 was the best chip on the market. The market being what it is, six months later something better came out, the Snapdragon 800. It’s an SoC you’ll see inside the Note III, the LG G2, and numerous other devices. Thing is, Samsung already sells a Snapdragon 800 device that gets little to no attention. Rightfully so, it’s the Galaxy S4 from earlier this year, but with a brain transplant.

Koreans have had an exclusive on this Snapdragon 800 powered GS4 variant, known as the Galaxy S4 LTA-A, for the past few weeks, but that’s soon going to change. According to the German website BestBoyz, a Deutsche Telekom representative has confirmed to them that the “Category 4 LTE S4” will be avilable from the operator in the coming weeks.

What’s Category 4 LTE? That’s a fancy way of saying 150 megabit per second LTE, which operators are calling LTE-Advanced. Will Samsung announce this S4 variant later today?

Make sure you come back here in six hours to find out.

[Via: All About Samsung]

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