First Paranoid Android build based on Android 4.3 released


It has hardly been a week since Google unveiled the new Nexus 7, and a new version of Jelly Bean – Android 4.3. The company also immediately pushed the source to AOSP allowing developers to build, compile and play around with the latest Jelly Bean.

Since then, the custom ROM developers have been hard at porting all of their unique features to Android 4.3. The CyanogenMod team released some unofficial test builds earlier this weekend, and now following on their steps is the Paranoid Android team.

They have released an early alpha build of Paranoid Android based on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean for the Nexus 4 (mako). Since this is the first build based on Android 4.3, there are still some issues with it. Foremost, there are still some root issues in Android 4.3, due to which the PA Prefs. app does not work properly. Apart from this, the theme engine has also been completely removed. However, other PA goodies like Halo and Hybrid properties are present, but you might run into some issues with them. You can read about some of the unique features of the Paranoid Android ROM here.

If you cannot wait for a stable version of PA to be out, head over to this Google+ thread for the download link and flashing instructions. Keep in mind that is the first alpha so some features will be missing, and there will be some stability issues as well. If you do end up flashing the ROM, don’t forget to send bug reports to the developers.

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