Leaked Droid 5 photos show QWERTY isn’t dead

Once upon a time, when touch screens were new, there were people, myself included, who said hardware keyboards were the superior solution to enter text. Fast forward to today and it’s damn near impossible to find a smartphone that has a QWERTY keyboard. They exist, but they’re rare, and according to these leaked images found on NewCellphones, Motorola has a device in the pipeline that’s perfectly suited to the few folks out there who have yet to make the plunge to all touch.

The phone, which is being called “Droid 5” for now since it’s likely going to launch on Verizon Wireless, doesn’t come with a spec sheet, but it looks like it’ll have a display that’s either 4.3 inches or 4.5 inches diagonal. It’ll come with wireless charging, NFC, and it’ll even be dust-proof.

If you need a QWERTY keyboard, then nothing I can say will make you want to change your mind, but I beg you to just let go and move on. Thanks to SwiftKey, Google’s official keyboard (which is now in the Play Store), and numerous other keyboards, there’s little to no reason in continuing to torture yourself with this form factor.

[Via: AndroidCentral]