Sony’s “my Xperia” service to go global

Every iPhone has this awesome thing called “Find my iPhone”. It’s not turned on by default, but once you configure it, you can remotely kill your phone or see where it is on a map in realtime. For some strange reason, Google doesn’t have a similar service for Android. Third party solutions exist, and I hear Lookout Security is great (no, I haven’t tried it), but Sony has gone above and beyond by bundling and bundling “my Xperia” in their latest devices.

The service was tested in the Nordics in early 2013, and now, after extensive testing and tweaking, Sony says they’re going to roll “my Xperia” out globally. Can you use this on a non-Xperia phone? No. I tried on my Note II, so trust me on this.

Like I said earlier, why isn’t Google building this into all their devices? It seems like common sense.

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