Moto X ‘Moto Magic’ feature shown on video; Full specs leak as well!

The Motorola X Phone is one of the most hyped phones in recent times in the mobile industry. The handset has already leaked in pictures and even Eric Schmidt was captured using the phone. Today, we have something more than just pictures though. We have a video showing off the X Phone’s magic feature, along with a full run-down of its spec sheet. 

First, a quick run down of the specs of the Moto X. As rumored and previously leaked, the X Phone packs in mid-range specs that include a 1.7GHz dual-core Krait, an Adreno 320 GPU, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage and a 10MP ‘ClearPixel’ technology. However, what truly makes the X Phone special is its array of sensors and how the phone makes use of them. Below is a CPU-Z screenshot of all the sensors the X Phone packs.


You can find all the CPU-Z screenshots of the Moto X over here.

KronikBudz also managed to get this hands on the Moto X for the weekend, and has posted some valuable information about the phone, including a video showing off the ‘Moto Magic’ feature.

The X Phone is always listening, even when the screen is switched off, and can start a Google search or initiate a call with voice command even when the phone’s screen is turned off. While the default phrase is “Moto Magic”, it can be changed to any user defined command.

With new information and photos of the Moto X leaking out every other day, the unveiling of the device is all but imminent. Rumors suggest that Verizon will be unveiling its new DROID line-up, which includes the Moto X on 8th August.