Moto X customizations detailed

Motorola is going to launch a phone this year called the “Moto X”. One of the key selling points of the device is that it’ll be “designed by you“. Now what the hell does that even mean? Thanks to Joanna Stern, former writer for The Verge, now employed by ABC News, here’s what you need to know.

First, you know how iPods have had the ability to engrave something on the back of them for what feels like forever? That’s coming to the Moto X. Enjoy destroying your phone’s resale value.

Second, Motorola will let you pick the color of both the front and the back of the phone. Do you want a black Moto X with a yellow battery door cover? You’ll be able to do that. Final colors aren’t yet known, though I imagine you’ll be able to buy different battery covers post purchase.

Third, no one likes the wallpapers that phone makers include on their devices. I’ve owned HTC phones, Samsung phones, iPhones, Nokia phones, and none of them have backgrounds that scream “beautiful”. Motorola will let you upload your own photo to their website and when the phone arrives to your house it’ll have that wallpaper already set.

Fourth, please stop dreaming about hardware customizations. That’s not going to happen. There were some crazy rumors floating around the internet a while back that said Motorola would let you pick things like your processor and camera module. I called bullshit on those rumors then, and Joanna is calling bullshit on those rumors now.

When will the Moto X actually be available? October. That’s less than 100 days away.

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