LG tempts G2 buyers with Viennese boys

LG’s next flagship phone, the G2, will be announced on August 7th in New York. Everything there is to know about the device has leaked. There’s even a hands-on video floating around the internet. Quick recap: 5.2 inch 1080p LCD, Snapdragon 800 processor, 13 megapixel camera.

Yesterday, for reasons no one really understands, LG decided to unveil their official case for the G2. Yes, you read that right, the company issued a press release, with press photos and even a video, to show off the case that you can buy for your new G2. Let’s ignore for a moment that it’s an S-View cover rip-off and move on to today’s news.

You know how I complained about Samsung’s built-in ringtones last week? LG is apparently one step ahead of the game. The company has teamed up with a Viennese choir made up of young boys to assemble the device’s sounds. Here’s the relevant quote from the press release:

“Sounds from the world famous Vienna Boys’ Choir will come preloaded on LG Electronics’ (LG) all new flagship LG G2 smartphone. LG worked closely with the choir to create a series of unique harmonic sounds including nine ringtones and five notifications and alarms. Also, four musical chimes such as Bach’s Air on the G String are included.


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