Leaked Camera UI from Xperia Honami i1 confirms 20MP camera


The Sony Xperia Honami a.k.a the X1i has been in the news a lot lately. While live pictures of the device are yet to leak, the monstrous specs of the handset leaked earlier today. Now, just a few hours later, some images of the revamped UI of the camera app of Honami has also leaked. 

The leaked images confirm that the Honami will indeed come with a 20MP camera sensor, with the option to click images in 8MP at 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio as well. While the overall camera interface looks similar to the one currently Sony uses in its Xperia handsets, the icons have been re-arranged a bit and more options have been added as well. This includes some Manual controls over some of the camera parameters.

It is surprising to see Sony include a 16:9 8MP mode, but not a 16MP 16:9 mode. Hopefully, the leaked screenshots are from an early build, and the final software will ship with a similar option.

Sony is expected to announce the Xperia Honami at IFA on September 4th.


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