HTC One Sense Camera app now works on the Google Play Edition ROM


The HTC One Google Play edition has been praised by reviewers online, but nearly everyone complained about the poor Camera performance and application on stock Android. When an initial Google Edition ROM dump for the One surfaced with many underlying Sense frameworks and files, many people hoped that some Sense apps would work on the Google Edition ROM.

However, due to the lack of some library files or a parital system dump, none of the Sense apps from HTC worked on the Google Edition ROM. Today, a new Google Play edition ROM for the HTC One surfaced on XDA with updated Sense files and frameworks. Thanks to these updated framework files, the Sense camera app works just fine on the Google Edition ROM for the HTC One. The updated ROM also includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth tethering that was missing from the initial ROM dump and review devices.

A point to note here is that while Zoe works, the stock Gallery app does not support them. Hopefully, the developers will find a way to get the Gallery app to work on the Google edition ROM soon as well. It is also very much a possibility that we will see some other Sense apps work on the Google Play edition ROM down the line. Keep in mind that the APK will not work on CyanogenMod since it lacks the underlying Sense framework found on the Google Play edition ROM.

Head over to this XDA thread for the download link of the Sense Camera APK.

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