Here’s the first Moto X ad

Motorola is going to announce a new phone this year called the “Moto X”. According to the leaks, it’s going to be a fairly average midrange device in terms of specifications, but no one really knows what Motorola is going to do to make it “special”. One of the big key selling points of the device actually is that it’s going to be made in America. Apparently some people still care about this.

Anyway, tomorrow is the July 4th, better known as America’s birthday. Here’s the ad that AdAge says will be printed in The New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post.

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  • ConCal

    True, I don’t care for nationalism either, but american made products do tend to be better quality than China. Not always true, but generally it is.
    I also will feel much better that my phone was made in a country that better respects workers.

  • Nationalism does not make any sense. Nobody has ever explained to me why should I be proud of my place of birth/living. I mean, that is just a casualty! I am proud of the things I’ve done, but not of the things that happened randomly.

    That is why this ad does not have any effect on me.