Google to buy 6.3% of a company that makes the little screen required for Google Glass

Chances are you’ve never heard of Himax Technologies. They’re a Taiwanese company that makes the “LCOS Microdisplay” technology used inside device like Google Glass. To be more specific, you know that little cube that rests above your eye ball when using Glass? These guys make that. Assuming Google gets the approval, then they’ll own 6.3% of the company by the end of this quarter. In fact, Google also has an option to own 14.8% of the company within a year if they like what they’re seeing.

To understand why this is a significant investment, you have to think of Google’s main profit center, which today is advertising. Motorola doesn’t make the company any money. Paid services from corporate clients doesn’t make the company money. But for some strange reason, Google is investing in a company that actually produces things, actual physical things, probably in an attempt to become their own hardware maker.

Something to think about.

[Via: Reuters]