Google Glass gets a web browser in new update

Google Glass received a new update last night that includes features such as improved hands free usage and the ability to have more than 10 friends stored in your address book.

The biggest feature however is the addition of a web browser. Yes, you read that right, you’ll now be able to browse the internet from the corner of your eye while walking down the street. I obviously recommend you don’t do that, both for safety reasons and to avoid public humiliation. And as you can see from the screenshot below, the browser is kind of pointless since you can only see a handful of words at a time.

How’s Google Glass development going? I’m sad to say there’s not much to report. It’s going to be a while until normal people are going to be able to go to their local technology store and buy a Bluetooth enabled heads up display. Maybe that’s a good thing too, since right now Glass still costs $1,500 and it’s terribly buggy, but that’s expected from an alpha product.

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