Samsung Galaxy S III explodes in girl’s pocket, and boy oh boy it did quite a bit of damage

Phones explode. It’s unfortunate, but it happens. I can link you to stories of iPhones exploding and Nokia phones exploding and even Samsung phones exploding, but this isn’t a “oh look, this company doesn’t care about their customers” type story. This is a “holy crap, this poor girl” story.

An 18 year old girl was at work when her Samsung Galaxy S III exploded in her pocket. If you have the guts to look at the photo of the burns to her leg, then here you go: NSFW. To make a long story short, her boss had to tear her trousers off in order to save her. Go head and make your joke. Done? Right. Samsung Switzerland says they’re investigating the incident and will likely send the phone back to Korea for closer examination.

What can you do to prevent this from happening to you? I hate to say this, but there’s really nothing you can do. You have to remember, Samsung has sold over 20 million of these. What I’m about to say is perverse, but if one or two out of 20 million explodes, then that’s probably deemed a success.

Anyway, this could have been a lot worse. I keep my phone on my nightstand, like a lot of other people probably do. Imagine if it exploded while me or you or your friend was asleep and a person’s head caught on fire. Ugh, terrible!

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  • lalala

    most of these cases are caused by stupid acts by the users themselves lol.

  • IAlwaysDrinkBeer

    What I’m about to say is perverse, but if one or two out of 20 million explodes, then that’s probably deemed a success.

    False. This isn’t the case for cars, airplanes, why would it be the case for a phone which lacks a combustion engine? I wouldn’t say it’s perverse as much as it is callous, uninformed and objectively stupid.

  • springsultimate

    My Samsung Nexus exploded while it was charging on my nightstand last year. I had an aftermarket battery in it and I woke up to a fire about a foot high on the floor. I called the battery manufacturer and they said that they’ve had never had it happen before and did nothing about it.

    Luckily no one was hurt but it did burn a good hole in the carpet.

  • robert

    This can happen with everything that contains a battery picking a really popular item is just media panic mongering.
    Nobody reports on batterys exploding unless they think it might be an item that is popular and get them more views on their story.

  • tf

    Devices exploding are often due to overcharging of batteries. Use of something like battery current meter (… ) could have prevented this…. just saying