Falcon Pro leaves the Play Store, turns rogue

Falcon Pro is, in my honest opinion, the best Twitter app out there for Android. I think I spent $4.99 for it, but if I had to buy it again I would happily spend double that. There’s a slight problem though, and it’s Twitter itself. The company has some new rules in place that limit the amount of users an app can have. Why? It’s really simple to understand actually.

Twitter is a company, and like all companies, they need to make money. The business model they’ve decided to use is display advertising. What’s that? It’s ads that you’re forced to see. If you use Twitter’s website or the official Twitter application, you’ve seen these ads. They’re called “promoted tweets”. Twitter, instead of shoving those ads in the Twitter API, has decided to instead control the Twitter experience. Just think of Facebook. We all use the official Facebook app to use the service. Twitter wants to get there.

So back to Falcon Pro. The guy who developed the app, sick of Twitter’s bullshit after hitting the 100,000 user limit (twice), decided to pull his app from the Play Store and instead offer it on his own site instead. Small catch. In order to use it, you need to do some crazy complex button combo to get it working. Luckily, Android Police explains how to do it. And if you’re already a Falcon Pro user, you don’t have to do any of this.

Just grab the new version from getfalcon.pro and install it over your current installation.

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