Android now has support for 640 PPI screens

You may not remember 2010, but back then, having a screen that could push 800 x 480 pixels was considered amazing, which is why I went ahead and bought a Nexus One. Two years later, Samsung blew people away with the Galaxy S III and its 720p display. This year, they’ve outdone themselves with 1080p. But we all know they, and other smartphone makers, are not done.

Last month, a rumor out of Korea said multiple display makers plan on releasing 6-inch panels next year that can do 2560 x 1600 pixels. They’ll easily break the 500 pixels per inch mark. But again, is that enough? Nope. The team at Android Police have discovered that Google has a new “XXXHIGH” (extra-extra-extra-high) screen mode that’s targeted at screens with a pixel per inch rating of around 640. According to the comments left in the Android code, it’s meant for 4K televisions.

Let’s do some quick math for fun. If you wanted a 640 pixel per inch 4K display, how small would it have to be? Using my trusty PPI calculator tool (which every tech journalist uses), it’s 6.88 inches.