A Chromecast running Android used to exist, but it got killed, so Andy Rubin left Android

I’m not one for corporate politics, but get this: According to The Wall Street Journal, Google was showing off an Apple TV like device at the Consumer Electronics Show behind closed doors. This was in January. The device was said to have a video camera and motion sensor, like Microsoft’s Kinect, it ran Android, and it was more like a mini-computer than anything else. But we all know what happened in March, right? Andy Rubin left the Android team, and the guy in charge of Chrome, Sundar Pichai, took over. Four months after that, Chromecast pops out.

No, the report in the WSJ doesn’t connect the dots like I just did above, but something tells me these events are related. If Google did release such a device, they’d have to publish the source code, which means a ton of clones. With Chromecast, Google hits a lower price point, while also retaining the ability to track each and every thing you stream to your television. Brilliant, no?

Will the Android-Apple-TV-box ever get dusted off and released? Something tells me no.

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  • ryanpederson

    Pichar’s product falls in line better with Google model of shove it down their throats for cheap. Rubin’s idea sounds like it would have been a ton more useful and cool. Unfortunately it costs money.

  • Marinperez

    “If Google did release such a device, they’d have to publish the source code, which means a ton of clones.”

    Chrome OS is also open source and theoretically, clones of the Chromecast can also be built. No matter if it ran Android or Chrome, Google would have made sure it tracked what you streamed.

  • But now it comes out that the chromecast runs a modified version of Android – so looks like a merging of chrome ideas, technology, and Android.. so I think more products like this are the reason we see the change.