Rumor: Samsung to unveil a high end mirrorless Galaxy Camera II next week in London

Samsung just announced the 16 megapixel packing GS4 zoom, and while some of you photo buffs may be excited, there’s rumor coming out of Korea that makes the zoom look like a boring midrange device. According to DDaily, Samsung will announce the second generation Galaxy Camera at their London event on the 20th, and it will be mirrorless.

What does mirrorless even mean? I recommend you read this entire article, but this is the quote that stand out to me the most: “Here’s the high-level definition: a mirrorless camera is what you get when you blend a compact camera with a digital SLR.”

Lars from All About Samsung, who I trust as a source, confirmed to me via Twitter that the Galaxy Camera II will indeed be announced at Samsung’s upcoming event, and that it’s what “the first Galaxy Camera should’ve been”. Though he adds that it’s going to be “pretty pricy”.

The 20th is just a week away, so stay tuned!

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  • lalala

    so its like the nx300 with android?

    • Stefan Constantinescu


      • lalala

        well i hope its as good or if not better than the nx300 as that is 1 good camera!

      • Not totally 😉 one step above.

        • lalala

          better than nx300?!

          • Kind of. But not in terms of resolution 😉

          • lalala

            for a not-really-a-camera to be almost or better than the nx300 which is a camera is already very good lol.only reason many ppl didnt like the 1st 1 was the pic taken was not that its all good.

  • davidsirroco

    I want mirrorless 4/3 sensor in a phone! Hope Samsung does it next year for Galaxy Zoom 2.