Download Google Play edition Boot animation and Live Wallpaper


It has been nearly 24 hour since the first reviews and the Google Play edition Galaxy S4 and the HTC One went up for sale. Slowly and steadily, the Android community is extracting all the new goodies from these devices and making it available for every other Android device out there. The new Camera app APK has already been extracted and works flawlessly on a majority of Android 4.1+ devices. 


Now, it is the turn of the stunningly beautiful SunBeam live wallpaper and the new boot animation. The new SunBeam wallpaper is similar to the PhaseBeam wallpaper that ships with the Nexus 4 with just a different color. The wallpaper looks absolutely stunning on my One, and I will definitely recommend our readers to try out this live wallpaper. Installation is as simple as downloading and installing this APK.

The devices also come with a new Google boot animation , which looks nice as well. However, installing it is not so simple and requires you to have a rooted device. You can download a CWM/TWRP flashable zip file of the boot animation from this thread on XDA. The boot animation has been down sized for 720p and 768p devices like the Galaxy Note 2 and the Nexus 4.

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