Video: Samsung’s new 90 second Galaxy S4 commercial is absolutely brilliant

It’s Saturday, so I shouldn’t be in front of a computer, but after watching Samsung’s new 90 second commercial for the Galaxy S4, I felt compelled to share it with you guys. The ad takes place at a young man’s graduation party. It starts out pretty boring, just a guy taking a photo of his father grilling some meat, but then all of a sudden the pace picks up and most, if not all, of the GS4’s new features get demoed.

In the span of a minute and a half you see Drama Shot being used to take a photo of a guy jumping into a pool. You see Air Gestures being used to answer an incoming phone call. You see the good old classic S-Beam being used to transfer a photo. You see Air Hover being used to read a text message. And finally, WatchOn is used to turn on a television in the living room.

I can’t remember where I heard this, but someone on the internet one said that the GS4 “gives good demo”. It’s a phrase that’s now stuck in the back of my mind. It means that while most people will probably never use more than one or two features of the GS4, when they go to the store to buy a new phone, the salesman will have a barrage of things to show them to help seal the deal.

What do you think, is the ad good?

[Via: C|Net]

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  • benpford

    The ad’s great, and the phone looks amazing. It shows off the phones best features really well, and in a funny, (but not not too cheesy American-party-ish) style. But like you said, it’s got great _demo_ features – is it likely that the guy standing next to you that you want to share a photo with also has S-Beam? The S-Beam seems like something where you’d bump into a guy that’s got it and then feel it necessary to share photos of grumpy cat, just ‘cos you can.
    Air Gestures look revolutionary, I can’t see a time when I wouldn’t use it, I means it looks f*cking cool!
    Was it a good ad? Definitely, yes. Did it make me want the phone? Yes. Will I buy the phone? Probably not. And why not? Because I, like all of my friends, have become too accustomed with my iPhone.

  • More than the features themselves, I like the ease with which the characters use these features. That, I believe, is more effective.

  • Very good ad indeed!
    And the cool features, there’s few that actually make your everyday life easier and more fun, and few not that useful at least yet.
    Do I want those features? Yes.
    Am I gonna buy the S4? No.

    Why not? I love my Gnex for it’s vanilla android UI and I never liked Samsung’s android experience.