DigiTimes: Huawei is thinking about making a 6.5 inch phone

It goes without saying that phones are getting larger and larger each and every year. It feels just like yesterday when Samsung announced the 4.3 inch Galaxy S II and the world went insane because they thought it was gigantic. Now, HTC’s flagship phone has a 4.7 inch screen, Samsung’s flagship phone has a 5 inch screen, and LG’s Optimus G Pro has a 5.5 inch display.

This trend can’t go on forever, namely due to fashion. If you can’t put a phone in your pocket, then what’s the point? Take the Chinese company Huawei for example, they’re currently shipping a 6.1 inch phone called the Ascend Mate. According to DigiTimes, the company is thinking about making a larger 6.5 inch model.

Why? Simply put, because they want to compete with 7 inch tablets. You might think that’s silly, but pretend you’re someone who makes just a few hundred dollars a month. You’re not going to be a hipster with a laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Chances are you’re only going to have one of those three devices, so why not get a jumbo phone that’s almost a tablet?

Now don’t think Huawei is alone. Rumors say Samsung will release a 5.9 inch Galaxy Note III later this year. The company has also already announced the 6.3 inch Galaxy Mega, we’re just waiting for it to hit store shelves.

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  • I would buy a six incher, I wouldn’t mind changing my 50″ TV to a 84 inch 4K TV either.
    To me it’s not about fitting something in your pocket, it’s more about the experience in TV, computer, tablet or a phone.