Sales of the GS4 hit 10 million, Samsung announces three new colors

On May 3rd I predicted that sales of the Samsung Galaxy S4 would hit 10 million on May 24th. Looks like I was off by 24 hours. The South Korea handset maker just announced that they’ve managed to sell over 10 million units of their flagship handset less than one month after it launched. To put this into some perspective, it took the GS3 roughly 50 days to hit the same milestone; the GS2 did it in five months.

Samsung also announced that they’re going to sell the GS4 in three new colors: Red Aurora, Purple Mirage, and Brown Autumn. The press release says the Blue Arctic version we saw in Japan will also land in other countries. As for when these new hues will land, all that was said was “summer”.

Now I know one of you is going to leave some snarky comment about about how Apple can sell that many iPhones in the blink of an eye, and you’re right, they absolutely can. Samsung can only dream of achieving the same levels of hype that an Apple iPhone can draw, and maybe it’ll happen with the GS5, maybe it won’t, but I’m just glad that there’s a choice out there.

For the record, I “switched” to Android this year not because I wanted to, but because I failed to locate an iPhone 5 after visiting several Apple stores in Malaysia. They all said sorry, blame the Chinese New Year. Do I regret buying the Note II? Sometimes, but hey, change is good.