How to get Google Play All Access to work outside the U.S.


Google’s Play Music All Access is the company’s attempt to take on Spotify, and from the early reviews, the service seems to be winning hearts. The biggest and only advantage that Spotify still over All Access is that it is available in far more countries – 20 vs. 1 – to be precise. In typical Google fashion, All Access is only available in the U.S.A while it is in beta. This limitation has seemingly disappointed and frustrated a lot of Android users, but fear not. Using a simple Chrome plugin and a simple trick, you will be able to use Play Music All Access on your PC or Android device, irrespective of your current location.

How To Enable and Use Play Music All Access Outside The United States

Step 1: You will first need to install this Google Chrome Extension, that will allow you to access the U.S version of the Play Store using a U.S proxy. The extension is automatically enabled once it is installed.

Step 2: Head over to Play Music’s website. Make sure you are using the Google ID on which you want to enable the All Access service. Once the webpage loads, you will automatically get an option to enable All Access.


Step 3: To enable All Access, you will need to have a U.S credit card added to your Google account. If you already have a U.S credit card, you will automatically get the聽Accept and Buy聽option. If not, the option will be greyed out and you will need to add a U.S credit card.


Step 4: You don’t really need a U.S. credit card, though. If you have a credit card that allows international transactions, you will be more than fine. Click the ‘Add a new Payment method’ option, and then proceed to enter your credit card details. Do聽not聽change the country from United States to anything else. You will also need to enter a valid US zip code, and a U.S address in the next step.

Step 5: You can easily get a random U.S zip code and address from Google Maps, or a simple Google search. Just enter the details and click on the Pay button.

Once the payment of $0.00 goes through, you are free to use Play Music All Access on your PC as well as your Android device. You don’t need to use any kind of proxy or VPN to use the service on any of your devices now.

Since All Access is free for the first 30 days, your credit card will not be charged anything for the 1st month. However, from the second month, your credit card will be automatically charged $7.99. If you don’t want to use All Access from the second month, make sure you cancel the subscription from your Google Wallet account within 30 days of activating the service.

Let me know how it goes.

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  • adolfredo

    It Works, Thanks

  • Jack B Teaching

    I’m in the states and signed up for all access free trial. Now my question is, will I be able to continue using it from overseas, e.g., Asia?

    • Rajesh Pandey


  • great. works in bulgaria

  • It works even if my gmail account is an spanish account? Thanks!

  • kolumb

    Hello, some times ago I registered google music with a Germany vpn. Now there is no way to change it to US. The play store already is US, but not the music app. Can anyone help me?

  • Or Biton

    I’m living at Israel and I’ve been able register without proxy or VPN Connection. I’ve used my American Card for payment and voila – Working Great on my PC and Phone 馃檪

    • Asaf Izgilov

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      讗转讛 讙诐 拽讜谞讛 砖讬专讬诐 讚专讱 讝讛 讗讜 砖专拽 谞专砖诪转? 讻讬 诇讛讬专砖诐 讙诐 讗谞讬 讛爪诇讞转讬..

  • Works in Paraguay 馃檪

  • Carsten

    It works in Denmark now 馃檪 But what happens when the free month is up, and it wants to draw funds from my credit card with a fake US address? Will it accept it if I switch cards to the DK address?

    • Andre Olesen

      I know some people have used norwegian credit card with US address to buy Nexus 7 so it might work.

  • Vladik

    It works, I need this because some good apps are for us only. When I entered Google Play I was like WOOOW, it’s a different play store not only with apps and games, nut also with nexus, one, s4, chromebooks, movies, music, It’s great )))

  • Abhi Kurve

    Does it work with Indian ATM-cum-debit cards? (visa one).
    because the debit one doesn’t seems to be working on the Play Store.

    • Rajesh

      Only ICICI debit card works on the Play Store

      • Nirmal

        please tell which type of debit card of icici?and did you give an US address or Indian address

  • Fusio

    I get the following error after clicking on “Accept and Buy”: “Sorry, we were unable to process this request. Any charge will be automatically cancelled within 24 hours. Please try again after 24 hours.”

    Even tried with a US VPN.. my credit card is a VISA which can be used all around the world.. I just put the address of a friend of mine living in the US as Billing Address..

    • Bill

      The CC company voided the transaction because the billing address didn’t match your home address. If I were to punch in 18006 instead of 18005, I’ll get the same error.

  • Nestoras Liassides

    is this safe? it requires some permissions on all tabs/browsing activity…

    • I recently uninstalled this plugin because of those new permissions… I think it wants a little more than only offer their services…

  • TPopoola

    The extension is not available, says that author may have removed it 馃檨

  • Jay

    Doesnt work with Chrome – 29.0.1547.76. 馃檨

  • help

    i have a question.
    if i travel to somewhere where google all access is available and create a google acount there and start usuing google access. when i come back will i steel be able to use it ( i live in a place that only the google play apps is available).
    thanks in advance

  • Dominic

    Awesome!! Thanks, I just got a nexus 5 with 16gb and was a bit worried, but we have great coverage and unlimited data with very fast speeds in my area, so this just solved all my problems! 馃榾

  • Item not found. This item may have been removed by its author. This is the error I am getting while tried several times. Please help….