PSA: Chrome 27 is out, Google claims it renders web pages 5% faster on average

Chrome hard-locked on my Mac this morning (curse you, Adobe!), so I had to reboot it. After I did that, the browser alerted me to the fact that there was a new version available. So I clicked update, and it did, and then I went to the Chrome Releases blog to find the changelog.

Usually it’s boring, but Chrome 27 actually has three new cool things:

  • Web pages load 5% faster on average
  • chrome.syncFileSystem API
  • Improved spell checker

I don’t care about the second bullet point since I don’t use any cloud storage services, but as someone who writes for a living, I love to hear about an improved spell checker. And while I can’t feel the alleged performance improvements yet, I’m sure I will as I go about my work day today.

Update: A new version of Chrome just got pushed to my phone too! According to the Google Play Store, the update includes a disappearing toolbar (which was in the Chrome Beta in April), easier searching via the omnibox, and stability improvements.

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