Samsung and Wolfson sign a pretty sweet sounding deal

Samsung has just entered into a “multi-year IP license and component supply agreement” with Wolfson Microelectronics. If you’ve never heard of them, that’s OK. They make some of the best audio processors currently on the market, and you really have to be an audio geek to care about which chips are in your devices.

Speaking about devices, Samsung’s Galaxy S4, the one with the Exynos chip inside, will have a Wolfson DAC inside. I have no idea when Exynos equipped GS4 units will start hitting the market, but I’m sure someone will do an audio comparison with the Qualcomm S4 variant once it’s out.

What other Samsung devices will sing sweet songs with Wolfson’s technology?

“Wolfson expects to be a major audio component supplier for Samsung’s GALAXY range of smartphones and tablets including the GALAXY S4 in 2013.”

That’s all I have. Sorry. Oh and if you own a Samsung Galaxy S III, the international model, or a Note II, then you already know what Wolfson’s technology sounds like.

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