AFP: Samsung being investigated for hiring students in Taiwan to make fun of HTC online

According to the AFP, think of them like the French version of the Associated Press, an investigation has been launched in Taiwan against Samsung. The claim states that Samsung hired students to make fun of HTC on the internet.

When Samsung Taiwan was asked to explain their actions, the company said they weren’t even aware that an investigation is taking place. Curiously, Samsung did post a status update on their Taiwanese Facebook page that says they regret “any inconvenience and confusion” concerning their latest online campaigns.

This isn’t the first time that Samsung has been in trouble in Taiwan. They were fined $10,000 for a “misleading advertisement” about the camera in the low end Galaxy Y Duos earlier this year according to TechCrunch. They said the camera has autofocus, which it does not.

HTC issued a statement to Focus Taiwan that reads:

“We regret our competitor’s malicious attacks and efforts to discredit us. HTC values product innovation and design, and we do not rule out the possibility of taking appropriate actions to protect the interests of our company and customers if necessary.”

What’s the worst case scenario for Samsung? Roughly $840,000 (American dollars) in fines.

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