Here are the first three commercials for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Don’t ask me why, but every once in a while I’ll do a YouTube search for “Galaxy S4” just to see if something new has turned up. There are plenty of reviews already posted from people in Russia, the Ukraine, and Denmark if you know where to look.

Today I did the same search and found these three videos on Samsung’s official YouTube channel for the Netherlands. They’re all roughly 33 seconds long. One demos the “Sound Shot” feature, which is basically a short sound clip attached to a still photo. Another demos “Group Play”, which allows several GS4 units to play the same song, thus making the song louder. And finally there’s a video showing a woman using the S-Translater app in a cab and at the dining room table.


Update: Android Central has just uploaded this 60 second commercial to their YouTube channel. It’s definitely not like the three videos above since it focuses mainly on the hardware.

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  • lalala

    This must be your best post since just saw it linked to on phonearena and Engadget lol. Tho sammobile didn’t link you.

  • Do you think this imformation? About personal estimation, I see this review is fantastic. It take for you necessary knowledge. Thank for share!

  • Out of four only one commercial is working