Here are the three pieces of Google Glass news that you should know about

While I was asleep, Google decided to drop some Google Glass news. They didn’t make any formal announcements, they just published a few documents on their developer pages, sent out an email, and uploaded an application to the Play Store. So with that, here’s a summary of what happened for the Europeans who just woke up and for the Americans who can’t sleep.

First, Google Glass is finally shipping. The $1,500 weird head mounted smartphone that’s not a smartphone is starting to “come off the production line” and will be shipped in “waves”. That’s a fancy way of saying Google will ship them as fast as they can, but they can’t guarantee that everyone will have their Glass unit at the same time.

Second, the official specification sheet for Glass has been posted. It has a 5 MP camera that can record 720p video, it uses bone conduction technology to transmit audio, it has a “high resolution display” that’s roughly the same as viewing a 25 inch television from eight feet away, WiFi b/g, Bluetooth, “one full day of typical use” on battery, and that’s it.

No word on who makes the chip powering Glass.

Third and finally, Google released an app called “MyGlass” that you’ll need to download in order to make Glass actually work. I’d love to tell you what the application does, but according to Android Central you can’t really get past the introduction screen unless you own a Glass unit.

[Additional Reading: AnandTech]

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